1 Month Check-up

I already posted a 4 Week blurb, so I’ll spare you the “OMG how is he this old already?!” bit. We did have our 1 Month well-visit with the doctor today though. So lets review!


All passing marks!

In case you don’t have your readers on you, he’s 10 pounds even (53%ile), 21.5 inches long (47%ile) and a head that measures in the 90th %ile. As Dr. G put it: “Dead average for height and weight with a big ol’ melon in top.”


Only other thing of note is that he’s still a little jaundiced. Since he’s eating (and pooping) great and his eyes aren’t yellow, the doc isn’t too concerned. He even laughed and said that if we could just get some sunshine around here, this probably wouldn’t be an issue. :) We recheck this next time. Otherwise, nothing to be worried about.

Dr. G kept asking if I had any questions or concerns. I kept trying to dig deep and think of something. No dice. He finally smiled and said, “It’s a whole lot less worrying the second time around, isn’t it?”

Yep, notably so. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


  1. Something about those Fischer boys….Charlie has a big melon (percentage wise), too!

  2. “Baby sunbathing” pic looks like he’s in a wind tunnel! That hair!!

    Love the dimple picture too!

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