17 Weeks

How Far Along: 17 Weeks


Baby’s the size of: An onion
Total Weight Gain: Didn’t check today, but have been up about 10 pounds. Goal for the total pregnancy is 25-35 pounds, but I’m advanced, what can I say? 😉
Best Moment this week: We took the side off of Graham’s crib, and he’s now walking over and snuggling himself into bed at night. It’s the culmination of a few things that make my heart burst at the thought of how much he’s grown. He can pull out his own step stool, turn on the water, get himself soap and wash his own hands when I ask him to. He doesn’t use sippies at mealtime anymore. We bought big boy underwear. ::gulp:: Haven’t used it yet, but still. He sings songs and makes jokes, and I find myself looking at him wondering when he became this whole… person.  Yep – I think he’s ready to show this little newcomer the ropes.
Maternity Clothes: FINALLY got out and got some new summer duds this weekend. All my maternity clothes were for cold weather, which is tough when it’s upwards of 100 degrees every day.  Started to wear a couple of maternity shirts, but as long as shirts are longer, I’m golden.
Gender: Final word July 24.
Movement: This little one is really starting to bust a move on certain days.
Sleep: Eh. Waking up at least once a night at about 3 or 4 am for a bathroom run. The body pillow is clutch, but it also makes the flipping over process a little harder!
Cravings: Bought some Italian shaved ice this weekend. My love for lemonade and cold things are now united in harmony. And it’s fat free! :)
Symptoms: Uh, contractions? Yes, that’s right. I started getting Braxton Hicks contractions this week. Called my doctor on Friday, she wasn’t in and the doc who fielded my question told me I wasn’t having contractions. Um. Graham was the BH contraction MASTER. I definitely know what they feel like. I placed another call on Monday and got my doc this time. She’s not concerned, just told me it’s a sign that I’m likely dehydrated and gave me a rundown of when to worry/call. (Hint: I am nowhere near that point.) The dehydration is totally a legit hypothesis, because it’s been over 100 here (and everywhere else, yes?), A/C’s are pumping hard and sucking all the moisture out of the air AND I totally stink at drinking water during the day. So I’m working on it! Don’t worry, Mom! :) Hydration is definitely working!
What I miss: Not being totally and utterly annoyed when I have to bend down and pick something up off the floor.
What I’m looking forward to:  We’re driving to Kansas City TODAY! Making the trip up with Graham – driving, and we’ll see Craig, Susan and Michael along with Andy’s grandparents and maybe even aunt and uncle. There’s a whole buncha people up there, I tell you. We’ll spend the Fourth all the way through the weekend before we head back south for home again. Graham is so excited to go see his grandparents. Gonna be a great week!


Belly shot!




  1. Wow, baby grew this week! You’re looking great – drink more water :)

  2. GrandmaP says:

    Apple, avocado, onion – could mom possibly work in the food industry?

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