18 Months

Is it really possible that we’ve only known this guy for a measly year-and-a-half?

I guess I have to admit the possibility, but it doesn’t seem right.  In some ways it feels like I know Graham so well, it seems like I’ve known him longer than I’ve known Andy.

Graham is so perfectly me and so perfectly his father.  He has my temperment (high highs and lowwwww lows!) and goofy as all get out.  His mouth really never stops running, unless he’s in a new place or around new people.  Otherwise he’s all, “Hello.  Outside.  And SHOOOOOES!”  (Along with strings of random vowel-consonant combinations that make him sound like an Ewok… “da-doo-wah, bo-bee-bow!!”) Graham cheers and applauds whenever we finish reading a book or whenever a song is finished, and he takes pleasure in completing a few simple tasks – like drying his hands on a paper towel and throwing it in the trash or putting a toy away in a cubby.

This kid is uber concerned with staying in favor with the people he loves.  Scolding is taken deeply (DEEPLY) to heart, and he has a sorrowful breakdown whenever he’s corrected.  With immediate big fat tears and a pain-stricken face.  Awful.  In fact, his teachers have told me that they have to be careful to lead off with the name of whichever child they’re correcting, because if Graham is standing within 8 feet of Bella and Bella is told “We go down the slide, not up, Bella.”  Graham is in a huddled mass of tears on the floor before they ever have a chance to say Bella’s name.  He just assumes its him.  And Graham quite possibly has the sweetest teachers watching him during the day, so I know it’s not just that he’s used to getting scolded.  Just a sensitive soul, I suppose!

Of course he slapped me across the face this evening and had just the appropriate amount of remorse before be-bopping off to the next thing there was to do.  No great Shakespearian display over that one.  ::eyeroll::

Otherwise, I marvel on a day-to-day basis at how crazy fast G has grown up.  He’s now exclusively eating from his own plate or bowl, with a spoon and fork.  He’s been pretty successful using a cup – just a regular cup, no sippy.  When he’s fussy at the end of the night, I ask him if he needs to go get his blanket, and he’ll walk into his bedroom, open the dresser drawer where his blankets are stored, gets his blanket, shut the drawer and come back out to meet us.  This morning, instead of strapping Graham in the carseat with a cup of Cheerios while I run back into the kitchen to haul out all our stuff, I handed him his cup of Cheerios, gathered up my carkeys, purse, coffee cup and his backpack, and we two walked out of the house and out to the car.  He waited while I loaded the car – eating his Cheerios the whole time – and then I strapped him into the car.

Amazing.  Not the walking out to the car.  Not the words.  Not the ability to listen to direction.  Not the bloom of his little personality.  Just… all of it.  All wrapped up in a 27-pound, blue-eyed package.  It is so amazing to watch him become… him, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.


  1. Michelle says:

    Such a great post…it’s so true how we know our babies so well after such a short amount of time. Graham is such a wonderful little boy…my most favorite nephew :) can’t wait to see what he does next!

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