20 Weeks

How Far Along: 20 Weeks

Baby’s the size of: A banana
Total Weight Gain: 15 pounds
Gender: IT’S A BOY!!!! Our 13-week ultrasound is confirmed as being right… again. We couldn’t be more thrilled.
Best Moment this week: Seeing this beautiful baby on an ultrasound. The tech spent almost 40 minutes with us, taking measurements and snapping cute shots. I’ve already got one humdinger of a blackmail shot for future girlfriends, etc. We’ll just say the little fella was being rather… exploratory. So where we should have had a nice clear shot of his you-know-what, we were – instead – getting nice shots of his hand. Mmm-hmm. 😉 Hi-larious. But what a sigh of relief. All major organs found and looking great, baby measuring a bit ahead. Weighs approximately 13 ounces (slightly more than a soda can).
Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah.
Movement: Yep, this baby likes to move!
Sleep: Still good, thanks to my Snoogle. 😉
Cravings: Nothing in particular. Just food!
Symptoms: Not much. Braxton Hicks have slowed down as my purposeful water consumption has increased. Even the sonogram tech told me I “must be drinking [my] water” because the amniotic fluid was in good amount and beautifully clear. :::high fives self:::
What I miss: Being able to wrestle a screaming 2-year-old. Oh no wait, I don’t miss that at all.
What I’m looking forward to:  An entire month of no travel. Time to get Graham’s new room into shape and this baby’s nursery underway!

And the bump pic for today… (I classed it up for y’all with a dress..)


And, because I’m not only amused with this week’s comparison of my baby to a banana, of all things, but because I am CELEBRATING being at the halfway mark for this pregnancy… one of my favorite gifs of all time.

YIPPEEE!!!!! (and how can you not be happy when you see this dancing banana?!)



  1. Grandma Sue says:

    Oh Debbie!  You look so cute!  Loved the dancing banana!

  2. GrandmaP says:

    Banana rocks! How DO you do that? We’re just delighted to hear your recent news confirming a second little boy – and that you are halfway there – awesome!

  3. Auntie M says:

    Super happy for you to be halfway done! Loved the dancing banana, definitely made me happy :)

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