21 Weeks

Before we get into the regular deets, let’s address the rather perplexing topic of… my back. Mere minutes after I posted in last week’s update about not having to wrangle a tantruming child, I attempted to lift Graham into the car when he just did not. want. to go. I felt a zing of pain in my low back and left hip – the usual suspects when it comes to back maladies for me. Almost as soon as it had come – it had gone. I texted Andy about it before I pulled out of the garage. I believe I called it a “wake up call” and that I thought I had gotten lucky with this one.

Heh. No. I may have gotten off easy with that little spasm, but something had clearly come out of place and my muscles spent the morning attempting to put my back on complete and utter lockdown. I got to work a little stiff, but between trips to the bathroom and one horrendous trip downstairs to the cafeteria, I was near tears – in pain at every step – and essentially no mobility from my mid-back to my knees.

Now, I’ve thrown my back out before. A couple of times actually. This time was different and worse. I got a painful realization of just how much a pregnant belly throws off center of gravity and how much the back muscles have to work to compensate. So really, just standing up with my lovely weight in front creating a constant pull and strain on  already hurting muscles was just about unbearable. Not to mention my already-taxed ab muscles were desperately trying to pull everything in to support my core.

Basically, guys, my body was on complete autopilot trying to correct for whatever I’d done when I picked up Graham and it was failing rather spectacularly. I left for home just after lunch and stayed home Thursday. Thursday night, I shuffled into the chiropractor and my OB called in a muscle relaxer for me to take at night. After that one adjustment and the evening goofy pills, I steadily improved throughout the weekend. My ab muscles, though, were working overtime to pull my burgeoning belly in toward my spine, and I think you’ll be able to tell in this week’s picture. (I think my bump looks smaller.)

So, how am I doing?  Here I sit, almost completely feeling normal. It’s c-r-a-z-y how fast this has come and gone. I’ve never recovered so quickly from one of these episodes.

Back to basics!

How Far Along: 21 Weeks


Baby’s the size of: A carrot
Total Weight Gain: 17 pounds
Gender: IT’S A BOY!
Best Moment this week: The Olympics! Yes! Andy and I watched the opening ceremonies on Friday night and have been trying to catch up with events where we can. We have no time though. I’m tied up conducting phone interviews for our new worship leader this week, which puts Andy on Graham duty at night.
Maternity Clothes: I’m thisclose to not being able to wear non-maternity tops. My love affair with Target’s long and lean tees is quickly coming to a close.
Movement: The kid’s a dancer, to be sure. Happy about god-knows-what in there. Andy even got a teeny little kick this week. :)
Sleep: Yep, still doing that. Getting up once or twice.
Cravings: Eh, nothing in particular that I can recall.
Symptoms: No new ones!
What I miss: Laying flat on my back. I’m starting to get to the point where my lungs feel smushed and appendages go tingly when I do that.
What I’m looking forward to:  We are going to the CIRCUS this weekend in Dallas! We’ve got tickets for us and Brian, Michelle and Charlie. I think Graham is going to love it. He’s the perfect age.

Belly pic!!



  1. I think we are all the perfect age to go to the circus.  Sue and I went last fall and loved it.  I was the oldest guy there that got cotton candy.  Make share those boys get a taste of that wonderful delicacy. Take pics of those faces of wonder and amazement.  And I mean all six faces.

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