30 Weeks

That’s 75% done with pregnancy – eek! We should probably get serious about names and putting something in the nursery, huh? We actually made some progress on that this week. More accurately: we evicted the non-baby from the nursery and gave him his own room across the hall. Progress is progress, no?

Graham finally had his furniture delivered last Friday. Fortuitously, my mom had also scheduled a visit for the same weekend. So we installed new bedding, moved clothes, books and toys across the hall, got Graham all settled into his new digs. See?

Who is that big kid?

The nursery is now stripped bare. Everything is off the walls, save for shelves that will be re-used. The crib mattress has been raised back to its uppermost position and the crib rail has been reinstalled. A blank canvas. We ultimately decided to go the Little Monsters theme route. So much fun stuff to do there.

And I? Have NO ENERGY to do anything else. I got hit with something that I’ll be gracious and call a chest cold but is more likely bronchitis. I’d love to go all the way to “walking pneumonia” but I don’t have a temperature so unlikely. Seriously though, I’m not sleeping. I can’t stop coughing. The cough itself sounds horrible – like I’m underwater and gasping for air. It’s been bothering my ashtma, which is usually not a thing and

Oh my goodness are you tired of reading about a cough yet?!?

I did go to the doctor on Monday at the behest of my husband and to the relief of my mother. He put me on antibiotics because BIG SHRUG I can’t give you anything else and you sound awful, woman. Please don’t cough that baby out, thx.

Ready for my weekly update?

How Far Along: 30 Weeks


Baby’s the size of: A large cabbage – weighing now about 3 lbs. Whoa there, slugger!
Total Weight Gain: 27 pounds
Gender: It’s a boy!
Best Moment this week: Hands down when Mom came to visit. Made my month. :) Not only was it great to see her – even though I spent 50% of my time attempting to cough up my spleen – but we got a ton accomplished what with the Great Bedroom Shuffle and also sorting through baby clothes. :) Rediscovering those old favorites was seriously like having a private baby shower this weekend!
Maternity Clothes: Still plugging along with my wardrobe. No complaints.
Movement: Lots of kicks up under my ribs and flutters and wiggles. You can see movement from across the room now, no problem. Also, I need to have a heart-to-heart with this guy about the elbow/foot/shoulder that he is trying to cram out the side of my belly. About two inches to the left of my navel. The pain takes my breath away.
Sleep: Nonexistent. If I’m not up coughing, I’m up peeing. When I’m super lucky, it’s both spontaneously at the same time. (LOTS OF SARCASM INTENDED.)
Cravings: Sweet stuff this week. Ice cream especially. I’ve been indulging because I know for body mass reasons I need to cram that craving deep down somewhere where it won’t bother me for the remaining 10 weeks.
Symptoms: Pregnancy symptoms have taken a backseat to the Chest Cold of Doom.
What I miss: Sleeping mostly. And not coughing.
What I’m looking forward to:  Hey – I’m going to New York next week! I know! I’ve been ignoring this because the work that I need to do between then and now is more than I have time to do. And I’m super stressed about it. Just trying to remember that I’m visiting NYC for the very first time ever (Yippee!) and trying to ignore the fact that I have to fly the much-maligned American Airlines to get there and that there’s no way that I’m going to have everything prepared that I need to prepare beforehand. :::sobs uncontrollably::: For now… just trying to get healthy!!


  1. This weekend will go down as a highlight of my fall! We had fun, and you are looking beautiful! (I don’t know how you do this so well!) Keep posting – we love all the details!

  2. I love pictures of Graham, but I’m not going to let you post a head of cabbage and call that your belly shot… Even if there is snot running down your nose, I wanna see that cute pregnant momma! :)

    • I wish I could say it was pride. Today is the first day I even halfway think I have the brainpower to operate a camera!

  3. Feeling for you….I remember getting sick when I was preggers and it’s just ten times worse than normal. I think you should add NyQuil to the things you miss :) Hope you have fun in NYC!

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