32 Weeks

What  a couple weeks it has been! I took Baby, hopped a plane and flew to New York for a business trip. A couple of days were spent at our corporate headquarters outside the city, then we moved the party downtown and stayed on Times Square a couple of nights. What a blast and worthy of its own post.

It meant I missed a week’s update on here, but have no fear, because I’ve got a juicy one for you. Yesterday, due to an acute and unnerving case of [what was apparently] Sleepy Baby Syndrome, I headed into the doctor. (Read: There was a long period where I didn’t feel the baby at all yesterday morning, and – when I finally did – movement was unusually weak and sparse compared to the wildebeest that typically inhabits my abdomen. Even after attempts to jazz things up with orange juice and the like.) Eh, I’m paranoid, but I maintain that once the scary thoughts pervade it’s *really* hard to shake them! Andy commended me on making it all the way to 32 weeks without an unscheduled doctor’s visit. So there’s that.

Last part first, everything is as great as you might have expected. They take that kind of concern very seriously though, because first thing I did after I got into the office was head down the hall for an ultrasound. Got to see baby boy on the big screen again. Here are the highlights:

  • He is still beautiful.
  • Everything anatomical looks completely perfect.
  • He has hair, just like his brother.
  • He’s practicing breathing, which explains the proliferation of hiccups I’ve had in the last week.
  • He is measuring 2 full weeks ahead. If this had been my first ultrasound, they’d be setting my due date at the end of November. Based on measurements, they guess that he weighs about 5 pounds right now. So, you know, either he’ll come early and be normal-sized [like Graham], or he’ll come around his original due date and be enormous [like his mother].

How Far Along: 32 Weeks


Baby’s the size of: A jicama. Know what a jicama is? The grocery store has them every so often. Incredibly ugly and grey-ish (the above, pictured, is surely the model citizen of the jicama society) and can be huge. Which is appropriate, because I feel pretty huge myself. Babies average a weigh of about 3.75 lbs now. Not my baby, of course… other babies, though, apparently.
Total Weight Gain: 30 pounds
Gender: It’s a boy!
Best Moment this week: Seeing baby boy on the ultrasound, hands down. But, lucky us, there have been other contenders for “Best Moment” this week. ::drumroll for honorable mentions::

  1. Graham pooped on the potty last night. He was so proud. :)
  2. We FINALLY aligned and ordered bedding last night. Little Monsters was going to be quite a task to pull together – we needed something a little more “unzip and install”. So… alligators, then?

Maternity Clothes: Eh, fine. But I was a little too upset at the thought of having to wear pants on Tuesday because of a chiropractic appointment that afternoon.
Movement: Starting to get hiccups this week. Starting right at about the 31 week mark. My ultrasound tech said it’s a great thing because he’s getting that little diaphragm ready for all the real work out here in the air-breathing world.
Sleep: Ugh, last night wasn’t good. I woke up if I rolled on my back, and if I stayed on my side, I started to get shoulder pain. The hips haven’t started in yet, though, so I guess I have something to be thankful for…
Cravings: I may or may not have come home from the store with mint chocolate cookie ice cream. Reduced fat, but – oh, who am I kidding… I totally caved.
Symptoms: Big, awkward and spend most of my time out of breath. :) The hiccups are new, but nothing else really!
What I miss: Being springy and active. I see my boys bounce around the house together and darn if I don’t feel just a little jealous.
What I’m looking forward to:  TONS of things!! We’re trying to arrange a weekend of GETTING STUFF DONE coupled with a trip to the Dallas Arboretum to see the fabulous pumpkin/gourd displays. Also, I finished sewing a vest for Graham’s Halloween costume last night. Halloween festivities are right around the corner and they are nothing if not numerous! That weekend before actual Halloween is going to be cuh-ray-ZEE.

Happy week everyone! Here’s the latest from the mirror:


  1. You are looking beautiful! Glad all is OK. Give Graham a big hug and high five from Grandma!
    Sounds like G’s brother may come earlier. I may say… November is a great birthday month!

  2. Love, love, love the alligators! I laughed out loud about the mint chocolate chip; that was my vice starting right around 32 weeks :) what’s with these Fischer boys and their love of ice cream? Enjoy it and all of your stretchy pants; I am jealous!

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