34 Weeks

34 Weeks.

34 WEEKS?!? Okay, admitted. I’m starting to freak out a little. Not in a panicky “We don’t have a name or finished nursery” kinda way – although both statements are true. And the house is a wreck and comes with a to-do list that stretches from here to Timbuktu. No, no. I’m freaking out in an excited “we arethiscloseto being a family of four” kinda way. That we’re going to have a baby in the house again.

Last night, I visited Andrea and Tom and their 1-month-old baby. I took over my Moby wrap for her to try since the baby’s been getting fussier lately. They were exhausted. I promised YouTube links to demonstrate how to put the thing on since, literally, it is an art of wrapping yards and yards of fabric around yourself. There was no way a one-time demo was going to suffice.

I did want to go ahead and show her how it was going to look once she was done, so I put it on. And, heck, since I had it on and she had a baby handy, I offered to show how to tuck him in it. And there I was – with an 8-lb baby nuzzled into my chest. He quieted instantly and was content to suck away on his paci – just like Graham used to do. Heaven.

Bring on November, because December is right around the corner!

How Far Along: 34 Weeks 

Baby’s the size of: A canteloupe
Total Weight Gain: 31 pounds
Gender: It’s a boy!
Best Moment this week: Experiencing Halloween for the very first time with Graham. Granted – he’s been around for a few Halloweens now, but this is the first time he’s been into it. He is so digging on the candy thing. And the costume. And the pumpkins – with or without exposed guts.  Tonight we get to Trick-or-Treat with Charlie. It’s been a riot. :)
Maternity Clothes: Officially wishing for more items in the wardrobe, but unwilling to buy more.
Movement: Crazy as always.
Sleep: Pretty decent. But I absolutely require the pregnancy body pillow at this point or all bets are off.
Cravings: Actually, my appetite has generally been a lot less lately. Probably because there’s no room to put anything anymore!
Symptoms: I feel full of baby parts, people. I had a full leg tucked up under my ribcage when I woke up this morning. I get heels and elbows that search for an opening in the side of my abdomen. Feet press and stretch the top of my belly to make more room. A head that bangs against my right hip bone at every hiccup. My body is so not my own right now.
What I miss: Putting cute outfits together. I mean, sure. Maternity looks can be cute, but I’m kinda ready for the next thing now.
What I’m looking forward to: Trick-or-Treating tonight!
New addition: What I’m dreading: Saying good-bye to Brian, Michelle & Charlie tonight before they leave us for Atlanta. Graham was talking about wanting to go to Charlie’s house this morning and having Uncle Brian pick him up. All I could think is that their house as he knows it is completely emptied out. It’s hard when I know what he doesn’t. And I can’t explain it because he’d never understand.

Alright, enough of that – ready for one big belleh?


  1. Someday when Graham can understand, this will be one of the stories you’ll tell him over and over.

  2. Aww…sniff, sniff. How old until you can out him on an airplane to come see us?
    In other news, I was just thinking….at 34 weeks, I had just moved into my new house :) Being 34 weeks with a two year old would hands-down be harder.
    Miss you guys, mucho. Charlie loves to watch his Graham videos and says ‘silly Graham!’ over and over.  How long until Christmas?

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