35 Weeks

In certain circles, this date is known as “35/35”. That magic time when you are 35 weeks pregnant and have 35 days remaining until your due date. For those who actually believe due dates apply, that is. As for the rest of us, it is my “35/oh-my-god-we-need-to-name-this-kid-and-when-is-pottery-barn-mailing-those-curtains-already?!?” milestone.


Thank goodness I realize this time around that none of it matters. :::eyeroll:::

On with the update then!

How Far Along: 35 Weeks

Baby’s the size of: … a slightly bigger melon than last week! (Welcome to the thrilling world of the last month of pregnancy.) A honeydew for those who must know.
Total Weight Gain: Holding at 31 pounds. Apparently it takes a lot of energy to haul all of this around.
Gender: It’s a boy!
Best Moment this week: We went to our friends’ twins’ 1st birthday party on Saturday. So much fun to celebrate with other parents that we’ve managed to keep our children alive for 365 days. Sorry – correction – 366 days. (It’s Leap Year.) This was extra special, because they kept TWO kids alive for that first year. You can barely even notice the facial tics anymore. I had two cupcakes to celebrate. It only seemed appropriate.
Maternity Clothes: Just scraping it together nowadays. Actually, I need to get my maternity clothes from the last pregnancy down from the attic, because it’s getting cooler and I need long sleeves!
Movement: Insane and comforting. I can make out approximate length of his feet from the outside. :)
Sleep: Sad face. I’m good until about 3 am, but then my aching joints make for a difficult go after that point. It’s not just a shoulder or hip anymore either. This morning my rib cage hurt. I mean… really? My rib cage?
Cravings: Still lacking in the appetite area. Soda still sounds good. In fact, I’ll probably run and have a Fresca after this is written.
Symptoms: Big fat “zingers” started this week. It’s a sharp pain that shoots suddenly down my front and down the front of my legs. It’s not sciatica. It’s like… the opposite of sciatica. I had this in the last couple of weeks with Graham too. I wrote about it on this blog in the final week before I had him. I’m trying to make myself believe that I had it much earlier but didn’t mention it. Entirely possible. I told my doctor about this. And let me tell you, Dr. “Braxton Hicks are totally to be expected at 16 weeks for your second baby” stopped cold and asked me when I delivered Graham. She checked her chart, noted that he came at 38 weeks and told me with every seriousness that 4 more weeks was a lot more likely than 6, explaining that this is pain caused from the baby’s head bearing down. So there. She jinxed it, and I am certain to be overdue with this one. 😉
What I miss: Not feeling like I’m completing a cow-tipping when I’m turning over in bed at night.
What I’m looking forward to: Graham takes a sibling class at the hospital this Saturday. I’m so looking forward to what that entails!

Alrighty folks, great job making it all the way through that post. You deserve a picture!

:::waddles off in search of Fresca:::



  1. Beautiful as always! Wishing you a good night’s sleep…and I just finished baby’s blanket!!

  2. Poor girl! Pregnancy is a funny thing….I seem to have forgotten all of the bad parts, I just remember mint chocolate chip ice cream and stretchy pants :) thanks for reminding me, keeping me in check! My heart goes out to you and hope the lil’ Fisch gets here sooner rather than later!

  3. I remember that last month of Michelle’s pregnancy well.  There were a lot of middle of the night movie watching with a bowl of Cocoa Krispies.  For some reason she would watch tear jerkers like Steel Magnolias.  While pregnant.  She cried a lot.

    • I was on the tollway this morning when a request came on the Christian radio station. A mom said that her daughter was expecting a baby girl soon and her doctor recently told her that the baby wasn’t going to make it. They’d, as a family, been clinging to this one song and hope for a miracle that it would somehow not be true. Um GOOD NIGHT. I was a mess. And the chorus starts out “Even if the healing never comes… and life falls apart…” These were not safe driving conditions!

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