4 Weeks (and Happy New Year!)

I guess this is what happens when you have a major holiday set in the first month of your son’s life, but somehow I still find myself flabbergasted that we’re already at the 4 week mark.

4 weeks?!

We have our one-month checkup with the doctor at the end of this month, but I can already tell he’s getting heftier. We’re out of newborn clothing and into 0-3 months clothing. Good thing, because I showed remarkable restraint during pregnancy and didn’t purchase any new newborn-sized clothing.

Okay, well, not much anyway.

Regardless, his 0-3 Month selection is a lot more robust. :)

(Aside… it is so nice to have a little doll to dress up again. Because Graham only wants to wear green t-shirts and his orange Crocs these days.)

So what is Mr. Reid up to these days?

Andy went on his first business trip the week before Thanksgiving, and then he went on another one (for a day trip) the day after our Christmas break. I’m learning how to juggle a newborn and a 2.5-year-old, but I still LOVE IT when he is home!

We’ve had tons of fun Christmas outfits to dress up in. Some in particular offered up some piercing irony. :)

Reid is a very strong baby – been able to support the weight of his own head at minutes old. He’s holding his head up now on a regular basis.

Graham has been a passive observer of the goings-on in our house since Reid has been home. He hasn’t actually been talking to me about nursing as much as I expected. One day though, he was up first thing in the morning with Andy, and before he had his breakfast, he insisted that his bunny needed to eat. So he strapped on my nursing pillow, lifted his shirt, and gave bunny a snack. 😛

Graham is, more and more, getting into this Big Brother thing. He asks to hold Reid quite a bit, especially these last couple of days.

Reid’s been having some good naps here and there. He vascillates between having very wakeful fussy days and very sleepy days. That’s just how he rolls. (Today is a sleepy day, hence this post is able to happen!)

These last few days, Reid has seemed less like a teeny being trying to survive a new, bright world and more like a curious baby eager to see more, so we busted out the play gym for some real play time this week. He l-o-v-e-s it! Graham did not have one of these, and – thanks to his Auntie M – Reid is able to enjoy some jungle gym time.

A couple of nights this week, poor buddy has had a real gassy tummy which rendered him in this position for most of the night on a couple of occasions. Thankfully this position relaxes him and lets him get some shuteye. Plus it’s adorable, so there’s that too.

As with the rest of the world, we toasted the new year last night. Andy got out our wedding toasting flutes for the occasion, since we had much to celebrate. He then commented on the irony of this scene: a crystal toasting flute of champagne, set next to a laundry basket of clean clothes with the T.V. on in the background. Sigh.

Finally – a picture from today. Since Reid was born, he’s turned into a limp noodle whenever he’s in my arms. The last couple of days though, it’s been the complete opposite – he can’t relax when he’s been with me. It’s like he knows a meal is at hand and all his senses perk up! Today though, he sacked out on me for the first time in awhile. Felt awesome. :)

P.S. Guess who’s posting this from her iPad! Related news: I have the smartest husband ever. Go Andy!


  1. There are a lot of people that are happy that you can post from your iPad. All of us love reading your posts and seeing your pics.  I knew Andy could figure it out if he had a little time to work on it.  Thanks to both of you.  Pop

  2. Love all these pictures! Reid looks so “big” lying across your lap! What a change! The photo of both boys together so sweet, with Graham’s expression – but also look at Reid focussing on Graham! I’m sure Reid is knowing his family members very well already!

  3. Oh, and G would make a great little nurser! Look at his positioning of Bunny – just like a mom!

    • I thought so too! Everything about his positioning is right on. He’s been a very good study. Ha!

  4. P.P.S. That bunny is Graham’s baby right now. He gets fed and carried and cooed at. He’s going to be such a good daddy someday. :)

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