Aaaand, Cue the Ear Infection!

Well, ear infection it was! Those pesky Eustachian tubes. Two years in, and not a single infection – we were lured into a false sense of security. Even when Graham was up almost every half hour during the night, in tears, and woke up pointing to his ear saying, “Owie,  hurt…” I’m all, “What on earth is wrong with you? You don’t get ear infections!”  See? Two years of experience doesn’t buy you anything when you’re dealing with something for the very first time.

Anyhoo. Yes, Graham awoke Thursday morning, laying in bed, looking up, tears streaming down the sides of his head. He muttered, “[unintelligible] hurt, Mommy.” What hurts? I tried to get him to repeat that sentence, but nothing.  Like I said, this was followed by “Owie”s and “Hurt”s and the two of us playing a ridiculous game of charades while he tried to point to what was ailing him, and I kept throwing out more words he didn’t know to ascertain the reason for his discomfort.

Note to self: two year olds don’t know what “throats” are.

Anyway, we did the point-and-name game for awhile, which led to him leaning his ear in my direction and saying, “Owie, kiss it.” Then of course, he wanted to kiss my ears. ::shrug::

Graham wouldn’t eat or drink anything that morning. He sat in his red chair, holding his untouched Graham crackers – one in each hand, and watched Gabba.  At one point, he looked at me and said, “Waller?” So I ran and fetched some water. He looked at the cup, pushed it, and said, “Milk?” (Yes, he’s saying “milk” now instead of “gum”. Apparently that perplexing phase is over.) I brought him milk, warmed for 25 seconds in the microwave – just to Graham’s specifications. Just as I brought him the cup, smiling as if I’d accomplished something that would make him feel better, he looked at the cup, looked up at me and said, “Juice?”

Guess what we don’t keep in the house! But I improvised. “You want GRAPE JUICE, buddy?!?” “Grape JUICE?!?!?” he responded, clearly hyped out of his toddler mind. So, I went downstairs, opened a bottle of grape Pedialyte which we keep in the fridge, because *note to new parents* you do NOT live out the October to March months (a.k.a. stomach viralpalooza) without a stock of Pedialyte in. your. fridge. You never know when it’s going to hit, but the one thing I will assure is that, when it does, you’re not going to want to make a run to the store to fight all the other parents that go to your neighborhood daycare for the last bottle of grape flavor. Just sayin’.

I brought the cup of grape water to Graham and hoped he’d take the bait. He took a swig, clucked his tongue around thinking about it, held the cup up to me, bust out an award-winning smile and said, “Grape JUICE!!!!!” Totally took the bait. He swigged down two full sippy cups that morning.

Anyway, a trip off to the doctor with Daddy – who came to relieve me mid-morning – confirmed that his right ear was infected. Now we’re slinging a teaspoon of the thick, white liquid twice a day.

Now, Graham is an avid medicine-man – loves his grape allergy meds and adores the grape ibuprofen – but this antibiotic stuff is going to be hard to pass over.  Last night – at room temp – he sucked it down, but made a shiver afterward and knit his eyebrows together at the aftertaste. This morning this stuff was cold, and he only drank half before I mixed it into some applesauce, making the applesauce look opaque and disgusting and further leading to Graham requesting, “new applesauce?” (i.e. “Please pour me a new bowl out of the applesauce container while I WATCH YOU this time.”)

Eh, anyway, Graham’s back at school today and feeling better.  And very odd that he came down with his first ear infection the day before his cousin Charlie went to get tubes put in his ears! Way to sympathize, Graham.

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