About Us

Hiya. I’m Debbie. The momma you see to your left. I’m the one responsible for all of this blogging nonsense.

I was born and raised in a hardworking town in Illinois, and, in 2006 – just a year after I started this site, I broke my mother’s heart  moved across the country to Texas. Now I live here with my husband, a very – ahem – spirited 4-year-old, the sweetest little toddler you’ve ever seen, and one very hairy freeloader. I’m a researcher by trade and have my degree in food science.

Yes, that is a real degree.

Allow me to introduce you to my family.


This is Andy – the cutie I managed to snag for a husband. ::swoon::

Andy and I have known each other since junior high, meaning we have access to stories and pictures of each other that neither of us want aired to the public. Mutual blackmail, if you will. Sometime in high school, we started dating, then came college, work, more school and in 2006, we tied the knot and moved to Texas together.

This is Graham.

a.k.a. My goony goony goofball. Graham came on the scene in February 2010.

Graham’s personality continues to grow way out in front of his physical stature. (A nice way of saying he’s kinda big for his britches.) G makes me laugh, cry and otherwise consider the world around me in ways I never have before. His spirit is simply uncontainable, and I am utterly grateful for the days when I have the energy to keep up!

Graham’s favorite foods are scabetti and pork chops, and he only wants to eat the orange Flintstones vitamins thankyouverymuch.


This is Reid.

a.k.a. My angel baby. All 8 lbs 11 oz of him arrived in December 2012.

Reid is the smallest member of our household with, easily, the biggest dimples. No contest. Reid spends most of his time trying to figure out how he might possibly keep up with big brother.

Reid’s favorite foods are FOOD?! DID YOU SAY FOOD?? WHERE’S THE FOOD?!?! He is a milk maniac with a penchant for rice cereal. He is currently looking forward to trying all the fruits and veggies available on the market, because an appetite? HE HAS ONE.


This is Hugo.

Oh, Hugo. You put up with so much. Bless you, sweet dog.

Hugo came to our house in 2007, and life has never been quite as clean since. He is, however, very much earning his keep, of late, as primary entertainer of the shorties, and for that – we are forever in Hugo’s debt.




So that’s us, in a nutshell. If you want to learn more, read on. Follow us as we bumble through. We love to share and hope you’ll share a bit too. :)

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