Ahhhh, So Nervous!

Been overdue for a baby update, yes?

First off, everything is going great as far as we know. I actually haven’t had many symptoms. The queasiness went away and seemed to be more tension headache and related to the fact that I want to hang my head like a vulture when I play on the iPad.

No comment.

With Graham’s pregnancy, I remember mega-smells and major food aversions. Popcorn and coffee made my throat catch in the second month. I also couldn’t eat anything too sweet – foods HAD to be sour or salty to be palatable.

This time? None of that. Now, with G’s pregnancy, I wasn’t a great documenter. I had a pregnancy journal that captured some cute things, but given I intended for him to see it someday, I never went into gory detail about anything. Which is basically why I stopped journaling from about 20 weeks on. LOL.

Aaaanyway, the no-symptoms thing has been great, until the last couple of days, because now I’m in my official countdown to the first ultrasound. If there’s anything I remember about ultrasounds from last time I went through this was that my level of anxiety was inversely related to the amount of time I had before the ultrasound.

So basically, I was fine when there were weeks to go, getting more nervous in the final days, and a wreck when there were mere hours between me and the wand. My mean old brain whispers horrible things about why I’m not having symptoms and even though I’m trying to ignore the mean little harpie, it’s getting harder and harder.

I have two hours left and an hour-and-a-half’s worth of meetings to help me get there. Oooooooh,wish us luck! (Which I know is just a turn of phrase because no one’s going to see this until months from now. :)

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