All Peaceful on the Homefront

I can already tell that one element of this pregnancy will be different – I continue to completely forget we’re expecting our second! The queasiness I wrote about earlier has gone for now. I tend to think that was my adjustment to the prenatal vitamin and the DHA pill.

Note to self: just take whatever I took last time. No need to mess with a good thing. Oh, and fish oil DHA pills are dead to me.

So yes, we go home for Thanksgiving next week and get to divulge our little surprise to family. We’re keeping this REALLY close in for now, so I’m really sorry that not everybody gets to know this early. Soon enough, if all goes well, we’ll celebrate with you soon. :)

Then, December 1st we have our first doctor’s appointment with ultrasound. I’m starting to get some pre-jitters when I think about it, so that tells me it’s around the corner! I always got jumpy from about two weeks prior to all Graham’s ultrasounds until the actual date.

I’m thinking that the ultrasound will make this all seem very real. Right now, to tell you the truth, it almost feels like a hysterical pregnancy!

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