And Just Like That, One Week Later…

… the kid holds my hand to walk in the parking lot after school like he’s being PAID to do it.

Monday, after daycare let out, the scene was exactly the same as it was last Wednesday. We’re just about to cross through a high [foot] traffic doorway, into the parking garage. Graham goes limp and starts wailing, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” in mere anticipation of our imminent struggle. Except this time when I knelt down, got close to his ear, and said – in an even tone, “Do you want up? Or do you want to hold hands to walk into the parking lot?” Graham snapped his head up, locked eyes with mine in total recognition of the words I’d just said and he said, “Hode hands.”

I nodded, thinking ‘right, it’s just going to be that easy,’ but that little boy slipped his tiny hand around two of my fingers, stood up, and held his head high as he walked right past the other floppy screaming children who didn’t want to ‘hode hands’ and out into the parking lot. Darn if he didn’t look like a proud little peacock walking through that garage like a big boy who had complete control over his faculties. He even waved at the crossing guard, for heaven’s sake!

Today, too, we held hands to walk to the car after school, per his request, because apparently that’s what the big boys are doing these days. Just goes to show you that days in a toddler’s life are like dog years – so much happens in such a short time.

Oh, and did I mention that he now insists on wearing his backpack to school? He must be trying to impress a girl with all these new tricks.



  1. Mom, you make so many decisions in a day. Let me take a few off your hands. But you gotta go with me. Love Graham

  2. Grandma Sue says:

    They can annoy you so much with bad behavior one minute and they are total angels the next! If only we can remember that when they are not at their best!

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