And Then, There Were Four

I have somebody I would like you to meet.

This little one is, in six short months, going to make our family a Party of Four. He or she looks like they’re planning on sticking around for the long run too. All signs point to goodness. The first ultrasound had this one measuring a day ahead, and the last ultrasound we had at 13 weeks had a measurement 2 days ahead. My scientist brain tells me this is easily within the error or noise of the measurement (that is, this means nothing except we’re measuring right on track), but Graham’s sonograms went the same way so suffice it to say: we’re feeling pretty good about things.

My due date is December 12, making it the awesomest due date ever of 12-12-12.

Like the last pregnancy, I started writing blog posts right away but hid them from public view. I just opened them up so, if you want, you can use categories to click back and read all the way through from the beginning!

Ready for this adventure?? :) Ready or not, here it comes!


  1. So you were writing all the time after all!  I enjoyed catching up and love the green top!

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