Andy’s 30th

Well, one of us is old now – not naming names except, whoops, I already did.

We celebrated as best we knew how. It’s weird having your birthday fall on a Wednesday, you know? I sent some of Andy’s favorite cookies to work in the morning, and he went out to lunch with a buddy. At his request, we waited on presents until after dinner, and dinner was comprised of a meal out at our local pub.

Later that night, after we put Graham to bed, we had *the* angel food cake with cream cheese frosting. Even at Andy’s admonishment, I put three candles on the cake (“past, present and future” for those not familiar with my family traditions) and sang him a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

Since we didn’t have the ideal celebrating situation, we will continue through the weekend. Craig and Susan are coming in to watch Graham, and Andy and I are going to spend an evening in downtown Dallas just the two of us. Can’t wait.

Here’s the *only* picture I took yesterday, Andy and G at the restaurant. We had the best time. :) (Also, someone please scream at us to take out the camera more. Thanks. :)



  1. Cute guys!

  2. Happy Birthday Andy!

  3. Grandma Vena says:

    Two handsome men

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