You might’ve gotten wind during my Halloween toddler party posts, but I’m room mom for Graham’s class at daycare. It means party planning, acting as communications liaison between the teachers and parents, welcoming new families to the classroom, and a monthly room parent meeting with the director of the center.

All said, not too bad. I like being involved, and they certainly haven’t asked the world from me, by any means.

Yesterday was our last room parent meeting for the year. The center director said that, since this was the season for being thankful, she got each of us a token of her appreciation – a really nice candle (in a beautiful box, I might add.)

She also said that she’d reached out to the teachers to see if they’d want to express their gratitude, and – pretty cool – all the teachers kinda took their own spin on it. Some got cards, some got an 8×10 foam board with little handprints on it, and one mom even got a laminated book of pages with little drawings and pictures from the kids. So cute!

All the ‘thank you’s were handed out, and I apparently didn’t have one. I felt a little disappointed until I realized that I love our teachers, and they have a SUPER full plate all day every day with 10 toddlers in tow.

Room parent meeting over, I walked down to Graham’s classroom to drop off some sweatpants and a jacket. (The temp had really plummeted from when I’d dropped him off that morning.) the second I walked into the room, Marie asked, “Did you get your present from us?!” I kinda waffled and she said, “I’ll be right back.”

Clearly in a mission, she stormed out of the room and returned with this!


I was speechless. And then I may or may not have had some tears. Everything those amazing women do for our kids every day, I send out a few emails and they’re thanking ME. With a gorgeous paper flower bouquet (with Lindor truffles as the centers!) and a flower made from all the kids’ handprints. It’s too much.

This has made my week. And it’s sitting at my desk a work, so when things are getting me down, I can get a little perspective!


  1. You are awesome! We all need to be shown a little appreciation now and then. I know the Lindors are one of your favorites, so that was a huge bonus!

  2. I know! Except, of course I can’t bring myself to eat them! :)

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