Oh my gosh. I hate when I haven’t written in forever. There’s so much to catch up on! Moving into the house, Christmas, you name it. But those topics will have to wait because we have had the pure bounty of SO MANY BABIES being born in the last month.

First up: Gracie. Born to Michael and Rose on December 11. Just the sweetest little rosebud ever.

20140127-204659.jpgI had the opportunity to go see her last weekend but Reid came down with a stomach bug so we opted out. Nobody wants a visit when you show up at the doorstep with the promise of raging diarrhea 1-3 days later. 😉

I am hoping we get to see this sweetie next month when we’re all home for a teeth cleaning. (Am dying that I haven’t seen her yet, FOR THE RECORD.)

Next up, by order of birth, Miss Claire. My lifelong friend, Jodi’s, little girl. She decided to arrive fashionably late on January 3rd. I got to go jet off to DC this weekend to see her and her mommy and daddy.

20140127-205124.jpg Sleepin’ like a boss. 😉

I will testify as an eye witness. She is awesome. And Ben and Jodi are doing awesome navigating that crazy time that *is* the first few months of being a parent. It was such an awesome weekend.

And then there was Kate. Born to Brian and Michelle on January 23rd.

Get *over* yourself with those oh-so-pinchable chubby cheeks, Kate. What a sweet sweet girl. Apparently living up to the “easy second kid” rep that all parents hope for. We get to see this sweetheart at the end of this month. We’re all hopping a plane to Atlanta for that. Excitement will be twofold: we get to see Brian, Michelle & the kids AND we get a break from this Mars-like winter we’ve been having.

How could I keep from smiling?!

Easy answer. I don’t. :)


  1. All baby girls!! And all so precious! 

    It was so much fun having you here to visit and meet Baby Claire. I think she has heard as much about you as you have of her, so she was excited. :)  I can only hope Claire finds a friendship like you and I have. 

    Love you! 

  2. Yea!!! I miss your blog…I need more internet fodder since my baby tracker app says I spend about 3.5 hours per day nursing (not duration but actual eating time?!?). 

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