Baby, It’s $*&%*!#@ Cold Outside

Let’s bookmark this post and have me read it in late February. That should be a hoot.* These temps will surely feel like a heat wave by that point.

*Add “a hoot” to the dictionary of colloquial phrases here in Wisconsin. Ranks up there with “bless your heart” in the south.

It’s getting cold, guys. Like, pretty darn cold. While we were still in Dallas, I was told unequivocally that we should wait to get coats until we actually got to Wisconsin. They make them differently here.

And they do! Kind of. Humorously – and I am 100% as guilty of this as everyone else who gave me this advice – we, as a people, are still thinking in the brick-and-mortar store mindset. I totally could have hopped on and down in DFW as easily as I could have when I waited to get here to Madison. Ohhh well.

So, preparation! I bought the boys’ coats first. They had nothing in their respective wardrobes to battle the cold. After a couple of frustrating size mix-ups on Lands End’s behalf, we got snowsuits and coats for the boys!

First up, Graham. This fella is SUPER stoked about his whole outfit. Loves the hat. Loves the coat. Loves the pants. Loves the boots. Even loves the gloves that don’t fit and have to go back.

graham snowsuit

Then comes Reid, who is not stoked about this entire experience. In fact, he’s rather paralyzed by it all.

reid snowsuit 2

In the spirit of swinging too hard in the other direction and causing HYPERthermia, we stripped off a layer.

reid snowsuit 1

THIS is doable.

Also, how cute is he?! How cute are they both?! #mommygoggles

Yep, just hashtagged right in the middle of a blog post. Not sure how I expect to trend on a self-hosted blog that gets under 100 readers, but eh. Details.

I also got a coat for me. :) Thanks Eddie Bauer!


So excited was I to show this coat to you that I classily took a selfie in the women’s restroom this morning on its maiden voyage. This may not display, how do we say, executive maturity.

Thankfully for everyone, I am not an executive.


Think how excited I was that we – minus Andy, who has a coat on his Christmas list – are ready for bitterly cold winter weather!

And guess what? Wisconsin – you delivered!!

mad weather

My Minneapolis family is in tears laughing at this piteous display of “cold” weather, because they had temps of 2° this morning.

mad forecast

Looks like it’s not going to warm up anytime soon either.

And somehow, in a bizarre twist of fate, DALLAS got socked upside the head with a wicked ice storm last night. Meanwhile, it’s cold – but beautiful – here. But cold.

Also, as I mentioned in the beginning of this entry, please direct my attention to this post in late February when all four of Madison’s lakes are frozen solid, and I haven’t seen the ground in a good 2 months. We’ll see how “cold” I think this really is and how well all our coats really work.



  1. Love your coat! Where are your gloves and hat?
    Your mother

    • I need some! I’m thinking chunky cable knit ivory would be pretty. Until I find the right thing – or Christmas – I do have an old Illinois (yes, it’s orange and blue) hat and blue fleece snowflake mittens from college. 😉

  2. 1.  Love the new coat.

    2.  It was 1 above in KC this morning.  Michael’s friends at U of Arkansas and Oklahoma State have had 2 snow days this week.

    3.  In South Dakota they say “Take a peek.”  Craig thinks it is really funny when I say it with the accent!

  3. Love Reid’s picture.  Jase looked the same with the first coat we tried on him.  Totally sacked his balance and ability to move so we were face down at the consignment store and rolling around squealing at the top of our lungs.  Second try, much better, although likely not WI worthy, thus the reason we’re holed up in the house right now (the super thick lice on everything doesn’t help either).
    I see more “fun hats” for Graham in his future.  Just wait until he’s 15.  He won’t think they’re so fun, but you will!

    • Babies hate outerwear. It has always been a fight with Graham, until this year. This year he is AMPED at all occasions to wear his big coat. Little does he know it’s going to be all day every day for MONTHS. 

      And yes, all fun hats NOW before he gets wise!! 

  4. February= good time to come visit us in Georgia :)

    On a side bar, this is also why Spring Break is so popular in the North. We never took a summer vacation but come hell or high water, my parents found a way for us to get of dodge in March…probably because they just couldn’t take it any more. Similar reasons that we used to escape Dallas in the summer. Pick your poison.

    Yes, it’s 2am. I appreciate your posts. Please also start pinning more things on Pinterest so I have more reading material. I’m pretty much caught up on the entire intranet.

    • I remember that. For me it was when I was nursing, but I recall several times tossing my phone on the couch beside me and telling Andy I’ve read the internet. I also remember being frustrated with my friends for not being more active on social media. Ha!

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