Baby’s 1st Fever

“His head feels kinda warm.”
“Are his arms and legs warm?”
“Then he’s fine.”

This was me and Andy at about 2:30 this afternoon. We’d been busy.

Parents’ Night Out was hosted by the daycare last night, so Graham and Reid got dressed in jammies and stayed at school while Andy and I went on a date.

This morning we shuffled the boys around. Cleaning, dressing, changing, combing. Then we packed them in the car and drove them to Penney’s to have their pictures taken.

Reid was fussy for his pictures. We’d woken him up for it. He wasn’t having any of it. He fell back asleep right after and slept through lunch. We drove home and put Graham down for a nap. Reid continued to sleep in his carseat, so we took a 20 minute nap.

Eventually Reid woke up, ate and… fell asleep again? That was about when the aforementioned exchange took place between Andy and I. I brushed off the idea that Reid could have a fever.

Until Andy asked if I could hold the baby while he took a bathroom break. He came out of the bathroom and I had to admit, “Hey… he is kinda warm.”

We took him upstairs and took his temp.


So, off to the store to buy Children’s Tylenol. Sigh.

Besides being a little congested and fussy and a little more tired than usual, he doesn’t seem that off. Tylenol made a noticeable improvement in his demeanor though. Brought the fever down to 100.6.

Poor hot baby. :(

And also, welcome to daycare and the revolving door of viruses. Yippee.


I’ll hand it to him though. He’s handling it awfully well.

Feel better soon, little man!


  1. Michelle says:

    Good news that it was just a fever. Seems your boys are prone to the fevers….much better than the ear infection :)
    Love all of the pictures. Miss those boys!

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