Boots and Blazers

Saturday night, we got Graham and his favorite young lady, Rebekah, together for an evening of giggles and fun at our house, and Andy and I set out for downtown. Destination: Turner’s 25th Anniversary Gala.

This event has two notable footnotes that bear mentioning.

1. The attire listed on the invitation was “Boots and Blazers”. ??? We had no idea what to do with that – especially because this was also being coined as a “gala”. I’ll spare you the details, but two trips to Macy’s and three dresses later, I had finally identified an outfit. Andy had something in the closet that worked, because he’s so prepared that way. :) And, of course, I have no pictures (right now) except for our goofy photo booth shots.


We had a lot of fun. :)

2. Because of a couple of turns of events at the company, I ended up being commissioned to make a montage video that highlighted the company’s projects and community service efforts over the last 25 years. The video was played at the gala.

The folks who hired me were so pleased with the video that they got me a thank you gift. I was so blown away because the gift ended up being enough to get me one of these bad boys:


I am so excited. :)

That night, we also had an earthquake that was felt in the area. Andy and I didn’t feel it, because we were driving home from the gala at the time. Rebekah, however, did. She was a little freaked out because she was just laying down to sleep and she felt the house shake a bit, Graham’s musical toys started all going off and the pots and pans started to rattle. Insane, no?

The rest of the weekend was less intense, we went to church and the mall on Sunday. Sunday night, I was up all night with a stomach bug. You know, really fun things like that. As a result, however I get to miss a crazy day at work today and, instead, drain the TiVo of all my back episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. There are worse things!


  1. Grandma Sue says:

    Looking forward to pictures of the two of you all dressed up! How awesome that you now have an iPad!

    I hope Rebekah doesn’t have nightmares the rest of her life. That would have freaked me out for sure! It was like a Halloween movie come to life!

  2. She WAS freaked out by her little earthquake experience. In fact, she didn’t even tell us about it when we got home Saturday night. She’d called her mom – who thought she’d been spooked by a scary movie or something, because THEY were asleep in bed and didn’t feel anything. Poor Rebekah. The next day at church, though, was when we got the full low-down!

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