Oh, the name thing. It has been so difficult to pick a name for this baby. Having started the “What do we name him?” discussion promptly at 20 weeks (when we confirmed the gender on this one), I realize that we have effectively been spinning the same conversation for the last 16 weeks.

That’s 4 months.

112 days.

2,688 hours.

So, give me a break, right? That’s plenty of time to align on one simple name.

But noo-OO-oo. It’s not.

Eventually, we did get down to a name that we were pretty certain that we liked, but it required a middle name. Out came the baby books again. I paired that name every which way I could possibly imagine. We tried out family names. T.V. names. Music names. And eventually, I threw out one combo that just… felt right. Andy even stopped and said, “Yeah, I could totally see that.”

We still tried to play it cool – giving ourselves an out should ‘something better’ occur to us that hadn’t already made itself apparent in the last 2000+ hours.


But, but.

I had something nagging at me. A silly little thing that I haven’t been able to put to rest. This baby is going to be here for Christmas this year, right? And kids have Christmas stockings – right?

And Christmas stockings have names on them, RIGHT?

:::Enter Pregnancy Neurosis, stage left:::

We don’t know when this baby will be here. It could be tomorrow, it could be the middle of December. Where this baby’s name is involved, I have a ‘hold off personalizing anything until we have the birth certificate’ policy. But the possibility of NOT having a stocking hanging on the fireplace for this baby this year really super bugged me.

And YES, I know. You’re all yelling at your computer screens: “Buy an UNPERSONALIZED stocking, you nitwit!” Alas, no good. Graham’s has his name on it. Even though my oldest brother’s stocking was the only one of our three siblings’ stockings with his name on it (and maybe now I know why…), I thought I already had a solution.

After a name really struck us last week, I got online and ordered a stocking with that name on it.

And I didn’t tell Andy. Because, yes, it was a little forward. We hadn’t, after all, agreed that this name was THE name. (Even though we’re like 99% sure, just commitment-phobic when it comes to this.) I figure the worst that could happen is that we name the kid something else in the hospital, and I have a Christmas stocking that I can sell on Ebay for $2. But the last thing I wanted (or want) to do is make Andy feel pressured that – due to some bits of felt and thread – we’re locked in now.

I got the shipment notification for said stocking earlier this week, and I immediately sent an email to Andy telling him not to open the box if he happened to intercept it at home.

And then I got this reply in my inbox:


Aaand busted.

Turns out the first thing Andy did when he saw the website I sent him was to go to that website. (Who does that?!) And the first thing he saw on that website? Christmas stockings. He knew immediately what I’d done. Apparently my brand of crazy is COMPLETELY PREDICTABLE.

But we have the first thing with our kiddo’s name on it arriving next week. I’m kinda giddy, folks, I’m not gonna lie. :)


  1. Cracking me up.  Don’t ever ask Rose about the day she picked up her wedding gift to me.  

    And, apropos of nothing, if you’re still in consideration for name combinations and it comes down to parliamentary tactics, the Uncles Michael have quite the power bloc to be reckoned with regarding the ‘family names’ option.  😉

    • Which means, of course, I will be asking to hear the story immediately the next time we get together! And to your second point, do you think that’s the reason we ended up with all “Bills” and “Joes” on Grandma’s side? 😉

  2. Oh man…. In hind sight, you could have ordered it blank and gotten it personalized before Christmas in Dallas….but alas, looks like we’re past that :) I love this story because quite frankly, I enjoy hearing about other crazy pregnant women outside of myself. I know the feeling: you see the line of crazy, and you just cross it anyways. Been there, done that!
    Can’t wait to hear what this little guy is going to be named!?! charlos?

    • I considered the post-personalization thing, but then having that outstanding item on the post-baby to-do list along with finding a place that will personalize it and – oh – font and size differences accounted for… It gave me stomach cramps! But you’re totally right, it’s not that I’m not aware it’s all nuts. I just disregard the feeling. :)

  3. I hope for the sake of your entire family that this baby gets here soon.  Funny story.  This is about the time in the pregnancy that Michelle bought $400 frames for $30 prints for Charlie’s room — and I will never let her forget it.   

    And in Andy’s defense, the website’s name is personalcreations.com.  There was probably a good chance he knew that you locked in the name on SOMEthing just due to the web name alone.  The jig was likely already up.

    • $400 frames = the crazy line. Like I said, been there, done that. Happy to have company in Debbie :)

  4. Lol.  Great story!  It’s funny the things we obsess over!  Love the comments from Michael P. and Brian.  FYI, it’s not just a crazy pregnancy thing, but it could be a mom thing!

  5. I figured it out. You have named him John Doe Fischer

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