By the Numbers

Even though my two boys are a mere 3 years apart in age – and not quite that, even – there are still some notable differences in the parenting landscape. An obvious one is… drumroll please…

I didn’t have a smartphone when Graham was born.

Boom. I know, right? It’s a little odd for me to think of a time before I had this handy pocket camera/texting machine. This little phone that I now find so indispensable I keep it in arm’s reach 24/7.

Now that I have an iPhone, I also have a baby tracker app.

“A baby whater app?” you ask? It’s an app that allows me to log when we change diapers, how long naps are and when feedings happen. Basically all the stuff that, with Graham, I would write down or, heck, TRY AND REMEMBER ON 4 HOURS SLEEP.

With Reid, I just tap a button.

I discovered last night that the thing also keeps a running tally of all feedings EVER.

You ready?


As of 11:00 p.m. last night: 519.

Five HUNDRED and nineteen separate feeding sessions. In 7 weeks and 4 days.

Each feeding averages 28 minutes apiece. That means in the last 7.5 weeks, I’ve spent just over 240 hours feeding that little baby.

That’s 32 hours each week – just shy of a full time job. :)

Is that crazy or what?

And you know what? Hands down, nursing my boys has been the hardest and best thing I’ve ever done.

Because I get these smiles… reserved just for me.





  1. Certainly answers the question, “where does the time go?” !! Love the smiley faces – Reid is getting his own look!

  2. Wow, makes me sore just thinking about it! :) curious, what pump do you use? Medela? 

    • Haha – I know, right?! I use the Medela Pump In Style. Works good enough for me! Only person I’ve known that didn’t get a Medela was Michelle, who bought an Avent that she hated and eventually replaced with a Medela. 😉

      I love being your market research. :)

      • Debbie is right: Avent broke within a week and I sent it straight back to Amazon. I bought the Medela hands free, battery powered superstar so I could walk around the house and crank out work emails all while pumping. Loved it, as much as one can love pumping. 

  3. Andrea Stetzer says:

    I would have LOVED the tracker app! I have two notebooks, one per child, to record feedings and such. That APP would have made it so much easier. Plus I love the graphing. I’m such a scientist that I always wondered if I should have graphed the amount of time and when nursing took place. Too Cool.

    • I know! It’s a little scary how it enables my obsession for data-gathering. I’m a liiiittle compulsive about it. To the point where I have to remind myself that no one a checking my homework. 😛

  4. Crazy, crazy! I like how it validates that nursing is a full time job :) the iPhone, even without the app, was critical to keeping my brain going during those feedings. It’s when I discovered my RSS feed reader :)

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