Catching Up

There comes a time when you keep a blog like this that you are inevitably going to fall behind.  I have fallen behind.  Then I find that I have to figure out a way to get over the guilt of filling everyone in on every last detail that I missed, because – as time ticks on – the size of the post I need to write gets bigger and bigger.  In my head at least.  And so, there’s no post posted, because I maintain that I have no time or energy to get all those photos edited from last weekend, or trace back through my calendar to see what we did.

Here are the highlights of what’s gone on since the posting outage:

  • Mom and Dad came down for the weekend last weekend. This was all spurred by a super cute picture of Graham that I texted to Mom one night when we were having chicken fingers for dinner. Flights were booked the next day.  Finally, last weekend arrived and we had an awesome visit. It deserves more than a bullet to be sure, and I was able to post straight-out-of-the-camera pics to Facebook last week. Someday, we’ll get them up here too!
  • The Mac died, then resurrected, then died again. Thank goodness Andy is a computer genius, because he got that thing raised from the dead a second time and… (:::whispers::: so far so good!) We’ve narrowed the problems down to two:
    • We know our DVD drive is [a special kind of] dead. It reads CDs but not DVDs.  ::shrugs:: PC components typically just fry, Mac components apparently merely become choosey.
    • Our hard drive seems to be the most probable source of our problems, so Andy has ordered us not one – but two – new ones. One with twice the capacity (whee!) to replace the old one, and an external drive to locally back up everything periodically. (We’ve got an online backup for photos, just in case of – I don’t know – a fire or theft or something. It got to be too close for comfort that literally every photo of G save for like 10 or so that we have printed, are stored in 1’s and 0’s.)
  • Graham’s finally cutting those canine teeth that have been giving him grief for the last, oh, 6 weeks or so.
  • I have been insane-o busy at work. Kinda fun though that one of my lines of research is circulating the company like wildfire right now. Going to be presented to our CMO (chief marketing officer) today, apparently.
  • Craig and Susan are headed our way today, because I’m departing for Toronto tomorrow for the rest of the week. I’m going to go learn how to be a better scientist, so wish me luck. So, it’s entirely possible that today will be G’s last day of school for the week.  I know they’ll have fun but, as it gets closer, I’m wishing I didn’t have to travel for this.

That’s about it. Graham’s starting to applaud in the other room, meaning his evening of sleep is winding to a close. I’ve got another ovation or two to finish getting ready. Then we start our Monday!

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