Day 22 – Favorite Documentary

I think “Babies” qualifies as a documentary?  It barely has any words, so I feel like that’s a trusty rule of thumb.  This is – by far – the favorite documentary I’ve seen.  Heck, it’s one of the only ones I remember seeing.  Getting to watch adorable babies doing adorable things for an hour and a half?  YES, thank you.  The trailer says it all.  I’m trying to keep these brief over the weekend, so I’ll just leave you with this trailer as its own selling point.  It really says it all.  The movie is more of the same.  Delightful from beginning to end.

Except for when you watch the Mongolian farmer’s wife straddle a motorcycle behind her husband, which then takes off bouncing across the grassy hills of the countryside, bound for home.  Um, WHAT?  I walked like John Wayne for a week after coming home from the hospital!  Mom and I both screamed when we watched that part.  :)

Coming tomorrow on Day 23 of the 30 Day Movie Challenge: “Favorite Animation”

Day 21 – Favorite Action Movie

This movie is way too classic to not take home the prize for ‘Favorite Action Movie.’  This also happens to be on the ‘Favorite Christmas Movie’ short list for many of the men in my life.

I saw Die Hard so many times growing up, but only in snippets. Not much for a young girl to really latch onto with a sweaty guy in a dirty undershirt running around barefoot with a gun, just trying to beat the bad guys.  When I finally saw the entire thing, beginning to end, I think I was in high school.  I was hooked.  Great from beginning to end.

It was also a relief to finally understand how a guy who entered the building, intending on being a guest at an office Christmas party, eventually ended up looking like this:

… and barefoot, no less!

Seeing – and digging – Die Hard also lifted the veil on allll those shoot-em-up, blow-em-to-bits, dude movies that I’d seen my Dad and brothers watch and adore, but which consequently had no pull on my mother and I whatsoever.  And then, shortly thereafter I applied my understanding of action movies, as they marginally appeal to women, and cemented a theory which still holds true today.

Action movies are to men as chick flicks are to women.  They NEVER sound good to anyone belonging to the opposite of the target sex (i.e. a guy is never in the mood for a chick flick, and same goes for girls and action movies), but if forced to sit down and watch one, you know what?  We enjoy it 99% of the time.  They’re not bad in nature, just targeted for a different demographic, that’s all.

Anyway, Die Hard is my choice. I love Office John McLane’s character.  Nothing quite captures his essence better than that old favorite line:

“Yippee-ki-ay, M@#$er F#@%er”

Happy 4th of July, everybody!!

Coming tomorrow on Day 22 of the 30 Day Movie Challenge: “Favorite Documentary”

Day 20 – Favorite Movie from your Favorite Actor/Actress

I’m going pedestrian – and maybe even obvious – here, but hell if I’m not honest.


Jules’ third movie of note.  First one where she didn’t play somebody’s daughter.  I am game to watch this movie any time of any day.  I mean – come on.  Who can hold back a smile during the shopping scene, huh?

“They were mean to you?”

Coming tomorrow on Day 21 of the 30 Day Movie Challenge: “Favorite Action Movie” … which one will I choose?!  :)

Day 19 – Favorite Movie Based on a Book

“Why, Debbie,” you say, “you must be confused.  Forrest Gump isn’t a book.”

Ahh.  I beg to differ.

And I’ve read it.

It wasn’t terribly good, but I’m no book reviewer.  In fact, it probably was good.  Undoubtedly excellent, but – you see – I read it in 2006.  I’d found it at the local public library after having moved to Texas, and since we didn’t have kids or really know anybody, I had plenty o’ time for reading.

I was already 12 years in love with the Hanks’ Forrest Gump (yep, two Hanks movies, two days in a row – I’m a huge fan), so Winston Groom’s Gump wasn’t at all who I wanted/needed him to be.  He swore.  He had girlfriends.  He didn’t meet the president again.  Maybe once though?  Can’t remember.  This Gump was an idiot savant – a genius at Physics and Math.  Just… maybe you get where I’m going here.  Different.

I am of strong opinion that – when a book and a movie based on that book are available – you should always watch the movie first.  Everyone argues with me on this point, I don’t know why.  “Book first, then movie,” they say.  It’s ingrained I think.  Learned behavior.  Like ‘knowing’ the right way to eat your lunch is 1) sandwich, 2) chips, and 3) Hostess cupcake.  Say it with me: watch the movie first.  Because:

  1. I get a great visual picture of the characters from the movie, so I can really ‘see’ the story as I read it.
  2. The movie is ALWAYS the abridged version of the book, right?  So, if you hate it.  The end.  You haven’t wasted a week.  If you feel like you want to give the book a shot, you know what to expect – and it might get better.  If you love it, you actually have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the story.  Learn more about the characters.  Hear more side stories.  Get more detail about the scenes.  Like watching the DVD extras with director’s commentary, kinda.  When’s the last time you complained that the movie butchered the book?  That would never happen if you watched then read.  Think about it.

Anyway, this was a rare case where the book was so far different from the movie that I really disliked it.  But no worries, Forrest Gump the movie was amazing, no?  So even though the book was tedious, Forrest and I will always that feather theme.  And that’s enough for me.

Coming tomorrow on Day 20 of the 30 Day Movie Challenge: “Favorite Movie from Your Favorite Actor/Actress”

Day 18 – A Movie You Wish More People Would’ve Seen

Admittedly, it’s not a deep, intellectually-weighty request I have of society, but it would be awesome if you could all please – collectively – go out and rent The Money Pit.  It’s one of those iconic Tom-Hanks-of-the-80s comedies, with his trademark blend of high pitched freakouts and physical humor.  I don’t know why, but everyone hasn’t seen this movie, and it is just. too. ripe. with one-liners and repeatable jokes that simply fall flat in a crowd about 75% of the time.

I just can’t imagine how a perfectly placed “Ahh. Home crap home,” doesn’t resonate with the general population, but even it’s not a sure thing.  And if you ever have an undependable contractor or service, a well-timed, “Your number came up in the lottery… we work today!!” can be very apropos.  I found a little clip from youtube that gives you a little taste.  There’s more to the story than just the house falling apart, but this definitely captures when all goes to hell in a handbasket.

Coming tomorrow on Day 19 of the 30 Day Movie Challenge: “Favorite Movie Based on a Book”