The Argument for Cats

I know a lot of people don’t care for cats. They’re lazy. They’re indifferent. (One of which I don’t think is true.) But Mookie reminded me why I continue to feed her and clean her cat box daily.

Yes folks, tonight Mookie caught a mouse. I heard a ruckus in the utility closet, and, when I went to investigate, I saw her backing quickly out of a cramped corner. When she turned around, the little limp, gray body was hanging out of her mouth

Unfortunately, the mouse was still alive.

Mookie trotted down the stairs, and I ran after her. She dropped the mouse in the kitchen, caught it again, dropped it in the foyer, and caught it again. She dropped it in the living room, where the mouse dashed under my curio cabinet. Mookie pounced under the cabinet, and when she backed out, she had the mouse hanging out of her mouth. I was duly impressed.

I finally got her to drop it when I was close by so I could cover it with a mug and take it out to a wooded area behind my building.

Mookie is now my favorite creature on the face of the earth. She is currently laying out in the utility closet waiting for Mickey’s friends to make more appearances. ::shudder ::