Making me Smile Today

Hi, people. I’m writing you from my couch at the end of a great day. A great couple of days, as a matter of fact.

My last entry, I’m happy to report, was the worst Graham’s behavior was all week. Granted, he hasn’t been amazingly awesome all week, but it got marginally better.

The thing that REALLY pulled our week up a couple of notches was our furniture delivery! Our new dining room buffet and kitchen table arrived this Friday morning, and they look AWESOME. I snagged this quick picture of Graham coloring at the table. It looks HUGE in some ways, but it fits in the room just perfectly.


Haven’t caught a picture of the buffet yet, but it looks great too. The dining room is in need of a wall color now though. (Buying furniture is such a “Give a Mouse a Cookie” deal.)

And, beyond furniture – even though that’s great and fun and exciting – we woke up to this face this morning.


I’m not sure where our son has been all week, but he is BACK today. He slept in until 7:40 a.m., he was all smiles all day, and he played like there was no tomorrow. We made up games and ran around in the front yard. We went grocery shopping in the morning, he had a good nap and ate well at all his meals. It was a great day.

I hope you all are having good weekends too!

New Year’s Weekend Review

Hi. It’s the Monday (okay, Tuesday) after a long break from the office. Andy and I know this as “Super Monday”. It has all the things you hate about Monday, multiplied by a factor of at least 10. Poor Graham isn’t even immune apparently, because it practically took a fire hose to peel him off my legs at daycare dropoff this morning.

So, to get my day flowing, I thought I’d write some highlights from our four day weekend:


On Friday, Andy and I dropped Graham off at school and set out on a day all to ourselves. Mission: furniture shopping. (By the way, LOTS of parents were doing this apparently, based on the number of moms in pajamas and no makeup dropping off and walking straight back out of the building.  I don’t know if I’d be so bold in my wardrobe selection if daycare was in my place of business.)

Anyhow, Andy and I hit up seven (count ’em, SEVEN) furniture stores, and ended up with the following:

(Don’t mind the color discrepancies… all the pictures we took were with the iPhone.)

Left and center: our new kitchen table and chairs.  The table has a distressed finish on top to hopefully hide a few toddler fork-marks.  It’s a compact 60-inch rectangular number with a hidden 18″ leaf inside. No more cramming around the table when we have company, can I get an ‘amen!’?

Top right: Our impulse buy. A buffet/hutch that will go in our breakfast nook. All the extra storage and opportunity to free up some cabinet/pantry space was too tempting to pass up. Andy and I are so excited about this.

Bottom right: A buffet for the dining room.  Complete with marble top for serving.  We’ve needed this one for quite awhile, but the recent pregnancy highlighted the need for it more imminently.  (I know that doesn’t make a ton of sense, read on.) We store our china and other fine things in a linen closet upstairs.  The linen closet currently has no more room should we need to store another little person’s things inside it.  Plus, having your china at toddler reach is just dumb.  There, I said it.

Also on Friday? We dropped off our official registration for Graham’s new daycare.  If you’ve been following along, we went with Option 2.  Option 1 threw in an additional discount bringing the cost about equal with Option 2, which made it OH so tempting, but fact of the matter was this:

If the goal was to bring G’s daycare closer to home, there was really no contest.

So, we dropped off a check, and Andy and I are so, so excited for this next chapter for Graham.  Plus, we got to peek into his new classroom and see one of his teachers and his new little buddies, and he is going to fit right in! :)


Saturday, New Year’s Eve, we took down Christmas decorations during Graham’s extra-long naptime.  Shortly after finishing up that project, Brian, Michelle and Charlie came over for a visit.  Graham and Charlie played the rest of the afternoon away together, and this is basically how we spent our New Year’s.  Watching the kids, putting Graham to bed, then popping some champagne and loafing on the couch.  It was great, actually.

Sunday, we did NOTHING. We’re not machines, after all.


You’re going to laugh, but we actually hired a sitter to come over so we could go shop carpet.  Where is all this home improvement energy coming from all of the sudden?  Don’t know, but I’m not asking questions. We found something we loved, but we’re going to go back to the place this week and double-double check that we can’t do something we love equally for less cost.  If not, we’re going for the original.

That was our ‘restful’ weekend – and if you come to our house in February, you are not going to recognize the place!

If it Won’t Go, Don’t Faucet

It goes like this: Andy and I have a million things (little things) that we’d like to accomplish around the house. Every weekend/naptime, however, our to-do list seems to completely escape our brains.

A couple of weekends ago, we decided to write it down. (Novel idea, no?) And, lo and behold, we are accomplishing a lot of household tasks as of late.

Today, we knocked another thing off our list. Before today at 1:00 pm, this was our kitchen faucet:


Nothing sexy. And it was fine, except for the fact that the hand-sprayer leaked and – because the base of the hand-sprayer was detached from the faucet base [read: broken, and had been since we first took ownership of the house] – the hand-sprayer leaked water under the sink every time we ran the water.

Okay, yes, it needed to be replaced. And that is exactly what we did this afternoon. So, behold, our new faucet as of 1:00 pm today:


So much better (and bigger!) than what we had before. Yes, Andy and I were missing our beloved naptime shuteye today, but I think it was definitely worth it!

Power Struggles

Last night, I was dressing Graham in his Halloween costume.  I don’t remember what it looked like, exactly, but there were LOTS of details.  I was putting the finishing touches on the costume, my little boy standing there – tolerating it like an absolute angel (this should have been my first clue, that this was not reality) – and then a gunshot rang out through the air – jarring me out of sleep – and was immediately followed by the sound of a large machine powering down.

“&@$%”, Andy said, and he threw off the covers.

I lay there in bed, trying to figure out what had just happened.  Impulse told me to get out of bed, so I did.  I just had no idea why I was standing in the middle of the bedroom trying to shake off a dream.

“What?” I said, to which Andy replied, “Our air-conditioner just freaking broke” (except he didn’t say ‘freaking’).

“I think the entire house lost power,” I said, and  Andy started moving around to the windows, peeking through the blinds.  “The houses across the creek have lights on.”  He checked his phone.

12:30 am.  Ugh.

Andy walked out of the bedroom to check the breakers.  They were fine too.  The front windows confirmed that the houses across the street had their lights on, so we opened the door to see what the neighbors’ houses looked like.

Completely dark down the street. 

I went upstairs to get my phone to call the power company, and Andy followed.  The lines were busy.  Suddenly we saw flashing red and blue lights.  I looked out the window and saw a fire truck driving down the road.  Full lights – no siren.  I looked down the street to where the engine was headed and saw a small group of neighbors congregated outside their house.  Andy went down the street to talk to them, but came back with no answers.

Eventually, we realized that all we could really do is go back to bed.  Heh.  Yeah, right.  Not only was it already a little too warm to sleep in our room, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to hear Graham if he awoke (no monitor, remember?).   I moved upstairs, peeked in on Graham, thanked God that his room always trends a little too cool or too warm in the appropriate season, and then set up camp in the room across the hall.  Just like in the newborn days.

I laid awake in bed.  My phone said it was currently 86 degrees outside.  Downtown was apparently in the neighborhood of 95F.  It was hot.  And fine and dandy to sleep the night through, but this week threatens actual temperatures near 110F.  There were way too many scenarios for my brain to assimilate for me to sleep anytime soon.  What would we do?  Go to a hotel?  Impose on a friend?  We would have to board Hugo… but what about Flea?  Surely its too hot for him too?  Then I started thinking about what would happen if this was long term?  Could I save my groceries?  (I know, I know… leave it to me to be awake at 1:30 am worrying about my pork chops!)

That was about the time that the house powered back up again.  About an hour with no electricity in the middle of the night, and I was freaked out.  Apparently it was a transformer that blew – which accounted for a gunshot sound. 

But this is serious, indeed. DFW is experiencing what could potentially the hottest summer on record (currently 32 100+ degree days in a row, tied for 2nd place below the record 42-day-streak of 100+ degree days).  We’ve got a full week of temps close to 110F coming up.  It’s only August 2nd.  ERCOT (the Electric Reliability Council of Texas) says we hit an all-time record for electricity consumption yesterday, exceeding the previous all-time record (set mid-August last year) by 1500 MW. 

I repeat, it’s only August 2nd.

The ERCOT is calling for electricity conservation during peak hours (3-7pm) today, and after blowing a transformer during the lowest power consumption hours, they’ve got my attention now.

True Love

Ahhh love. It started as passed notes and stolen glances. Eventually it was little gifts and baked birthday cakes. Now? It’s an automated irrigation system that he installed on a Sunday afternoon in my flower beds.

Because love means never having to go out and water your plants in 100+ degree weather.



P.S. Did I marry the greatest guy, or what?!