Rockin’ the Suburbs

What a weekend! What a fantastically wonderful weekend!

I was super busy at work during the end of the week last week because my company was having the last round of interviews for food scientists on-site. (We had four University of Illinois students make it to the final round, who I’d helped recruit when I went to Illinois back in October. Yay!) The recruiting events rounded out Friday night with a dinner at Urbano in Dallas. Somehow, Andy was the only spouse invited to the dinner so, instead of making the long, lonely journey back home Friday night, he got to come hang out with us! Good times.

Saturday evening we had people over. I’d spread the word to some friends at work about week ago that we were going to have people up to our house this weekend. I told everyone that it was going to be a laid back affair – drinks and snacks and that was it. Well, somehow on Friday, the idea evolved into a full-out potluck dinner. Before I knew it on Saturday, we had put both leaves in our dining room table and squeezed 11 people around it. (I was suddenly very thankful that I’d made an effort to find places for all of Grandma’s (8) dining room chairs around my apartment in college when I inherited her table, instead of getting rid of some of them.) After dinner more people came. Karaoke was sung and the guest room had to be used.

Hugo behaved like a perfect gentledog with all of our friends. As it is with most dogs, he greeted each guest with equal enthusiasm (AHHHH!! I’M SO HAPPY YOU’RE HERE!!!), then calmed down to observe the group. He was ever present in the center of the action. He had the self-appointed duty to pick up ice cubes that had fallen on the floor, hold them in his mouth, run into the bedroom, and crunch them up to dispose of them. Hugo’s Ice Cube Disposal, at your service. :) At some point in the evening, he managed to eat one of my cloth headbands and – at 6:00 in the morning on Sunday – he gacked it back up on our bedroom floor. Not the most pleasant thing to roll out of bed for in the wee hours, but such is life. Hey, it could have been worse.

Sunday, Andy and I were exhausted. We cleaned up first thing in the morning, then sat on our couch watching movies for the rest of the afternoon. Hugo caught up on his rest too. 😉