Just Another December Weekend

I tell you what. We’re a month in Madison and really starting to enjoy the little groove we’ve found here. Apartment living is… tight (and certainly less than ideal) but we’re learning to turn it to our advantage. As Michelle pointed out: there’s no pressure to do home improvement projects during your downtime.

So, then, fun it is!

Saturday morning, we made our favorite Christmas cookies, spritz! This was an experience with no flour sifter, stand mixer (or hand mixer, for that matter) and only one cookie sheet. The cookie sheet thing had to be rectified. (Hello $1 sheets from Walmart!) A colander makes a nice stand-in for a flour sifter too. :) The metal tablespoon I had to use to stir that stiff dough though is officially FOR THE BIRDS.


Andy showed Graham the fine art of cookie decorating. He is a natural!

Baby Reid helped too! (To be fair, those bananas don’t just eat themselves you know!)

Speaking of helping helpfulness, Baby Reid has really bloomed into quite a little assistant! His favorite chore is unloading the washer for us.

Of course, you have to catch the laundry before it hits the floor! (Especially because it’s a bathroom floor!)

He is very thorough at his job. Takes it very seriously.

We haven’t lost any socks in days!

After the weighty chores of baking cookies and laundry was finished on Saturday, we had Sunday to play the day away! Uncle Brian and Auntie M got the boys (but really, the whole family) a membership to the Madison Children’s museum. How cool is that? The place is about a 10-minute drive from the apartment, and that’s only because there are quite a few stoplights. 

Andy and Graham took their maiden voyage to scout it out on their day together Tuesday, so Sunday Baby Reid and I got the grand tour. :)

Including the coin donation funnel. I donated a dollar to something. Hope it was a good cause!

We built, we painted.

He’s a good little builder.

He’s not too bad either. :)

G climbed quite a bit too. And yes, that *is* as steep as it looks!

This structure was made out of old ocean buoys. Huge! In fact, that is a theme of this whole place. Tons of recovered and repurposed materials.

Yep, that’s my firstborn about 2 stories in the air. :S

Meanwhile, safe on solid ground, Baby Reid pursued his lifelong (hee.) passion of CARS CARS CARS.

How cute IS HE?!? AGH.

So yes, we had a lovely weekend. We stayed at the children’s museum that morning until the snow started, then we headed home, ate lunch and took some awesome naps while the snow blanketed the ground. Later in the afternoon, we pulled on all our warm snow gear and went out and played and played and played in the sparkly stuff.

The weather is cold, but life is good. We are thankful.


Let me turn the page, dear readers, and ask for a favor, if I may. In your prayers – at dinner, at bedtime, at church, whenever – would you please send up Andy’s mom, Susan? He’ll know what it’s in regards to. And that’s all we need right now.

Thanks. :)