Bad Day/Good Day

I have every reason to be in a bad mood today. Let’s begin with my morning. Flea has a bladder infection that has banned him to our bathroom for the time being. Flea wants out of the bathroom, and Hugo wants into the bathroom. I got ready for work in the midst of those two. Flea finally found an opportunity to slip out of the bathroom. Hugo, who only wanted to get into the bathroom because Flea was inside, turned tail and went at a full sprint after Flea. The two start tearing through the house, so I instincively chucked the hairbrush that was in my hand at the dog. The brush missed the danged dog, hit the wood floor, snapped in two, and slid under the couch. I had to pull the couch out from the wall to retrieve the pieces, and when I stood up, I knocked my head very very hard into the corner of the box shelf hanging above the sofa. Youch.

I popped a couple of Tylenol, kenneled the dog, put the cat back into quarantine and headed to work. We have vendors in today to observe a run on one of our pieces of equipment (the extruder, to be exact). Wouldn’t you know it, these vendors flew all the way down to Texas to see us extrude, and the stupid extruder locked down twice. The first time the equipment quit working, I called and cancelled my hair appointment for the afternoon (which had already been changed twice) because I knew it was going to be a long day.

And that is ironically where my day turned around. The second time the extruder quit, I realized that my morning had not only freed up, but that I had all kinds of time to play around with this afternoon now that my hair appointment was cancelled. I can go grocery shopping, make chicken salad, and work on tidying up around the house. I’ve got a whole stinkin’ afternoon! Throw in a Christmas movie or two while I’m at it, why not? Shortly after my day calendar cleared up, I got an email from our business manager saying that my salary was going to be ‘adjusted up’ due to the increased starting salary for food scientists. Apparently, because I was hired when I was, I’m now making less than our new hires. Whatever the reason – this means free money. And I don’t care what anybody says, that will always put a smile on your face!

And with that, I’m off to grab some lunch and go spend some time at home with my furry companions.

Two Parents and a Gas Log

What a full weekend! My folks came down on Thursday night and stayed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I took the day off Friday and took Mom and Dad to our historic downtown to do a little shopping. It actually turned out to be a lot of shopping, being that we were there for about 4 hours. That tends to happen when Mom and I get together.

On Saturday, Andy and I took the ‘rents over to the Forth Worth Stockyards. The Stockyards, aka “Cowtown”, is a semi-historic representation of Fort Worth’s downtown. I personally think that “semi-historic representation” is a nicer way of saying “cliche”. Either way, it’s a fantastic place to get a taste of that good ol’ cowboy culture. We shopped (what else?) and ate at a long-established restaurant, Cattlemen’s Steakhouse. Andy and I had a dollar bet going that Dad would buy a cowboy hat before we left Fort Worth that evening. Dad found the perfect Stetson and I went home a dollar richer. (Mind you, “Stetson” is just a synonym for “cowboy hat” to me, I do not mean to infer that he bought a certain type of cowboy hat, because well, I just don’t know the differences.)

When we took the folks back to the airport on Sunday, I was ready to go home and veg out for the rest of the evening. Andy, however, wanted to swing by the fireplace store and pick up the gas log that we ordered. (This gas log is a housewarming [literally!] gift from Andy’s parents.) So instead of a relaxing that afternoon and evening, Andy and I cleaned the fireplace and installed a new gas log. Yes, we installed it ourselves. As the year progresses, I’m learning a very clear, very real lesson about my husband. He is a do-it-yourself’er to the very core. I swear I’m going to put “I can do that!” on his gravestone. Why pay someone $60 to install a gas log that hooks directly into your gas line when you can spend the six remaining hours of your weekend doing it? In the process, Andy got to figure out how to bend a 24″ aluminum pipe to fit a 1″ connection, we used my kitchen torch to loosen a (virtually) welded existing pipe connection, and we both turned our fingers black by tearing up and artfully arranging little bits of the wool material provided to create the “glowing embers” effect. Good times.

Flea, our cat, loves the new installation. He gives a big thanks to the staff for thinking of that new addition. He now prefers the ottoman, which was previously the well-established stakeout of our other cat, Mookie (the two felines now have a HUGE meeting of minds about every 30 seconds on that point) and if Andy’s feet happen to be propped up, Flea will curl up on the fire side of the ottoman so that he can blink and stare at the flames when he’s drifting in and out of sleep. It’s pretty cute, but I’ll cut the cat talk short because, well, you just have to be a cat owner to not feel that this paragraph is pointless and lame.

All in all, full weekend! Now we get to focus on actually sitting on the couch, and not doing a whole lot during the evenings this week. Ever since we bought the house, it takes conscious effort to sit still. Maybe a nice glowing fire in the living room will entice us?

O, Christmas Tree

CarnageI arrived home from Decatur this afternoon to a mess of bent branches, broken glass, and scattered candy canes. Flea, who was sleeping on the couch, raised his head to look at me, yawned, and went back to sleep. The cats had clearly had a busy afternoon and were now sleeping it off.

Flea is staying with me and Mookie over the holidays so that Andy doesn’t have to board him. The cats have pretty much been an indistinguishable flash of orange fur since Flea arrived. I should’ve known better.

Anyway, I picked up the large pieces of broken ornaments, swept up the medium-sized pieces, and vacuumed up the small ones. Everything is back where it should be.

Disclaimer: No felines were harmed during or after the incident.

If you’d like to see more of the carnage, I now have a link in my Photographs section!