Don’t Forget the Dash

Just a reminder that we’re relocating to

For now, Andy’s been bouncing the site from the old address to the new one, so you can still get here by typing the address without the hyphen, but we expect that to stop… sometime.

Officially, “” (our domain name) expired October 20. That was on Tuesday. We expected the site redirect to stop working on that date. It didn’t.

Yesterday, our old web host called us four times and eventually suspended our account. Of course, they didn’t know we’d already registered another domain name and moved the site to a different web host (which is what you’re reading now). We expected the site redirect to stop after they suspended our account.

It didn’t.

So, truth be told, I have no idea when the site redirect (aka when you can type and be automatically taken to will stop working. But, if you wake up one morning and our site appears to be down, make sure you’re adding the dreaded hyphen. That is all.

The Dreaded Hyphen

Look. I’m not going to lie. This is going to be harder on you than it is me. Take a look at that address bar in your web browser. See that hyphen (or dash, if you will) between “something” and “fischy”? Yeah. That’s going to be a problem for you from now on.

You see, I’ve been forced to change domain names. And in exactly 8 days I can tell you exactly why. But here’s the gist: by some ugly twist of naivite-induced fate, I don’t own the name “”. In 8 days, it’s going to expire, which means that in 8 days, if you’re still typing “” into your web browser, a whole lotta nothing’s gonna pop up.

At least, that’s what we think’s going to happen.

And because a bunch of computer nerds wrote domain registry rules, once my domain name expires it’d be easier to find David Bowie’s castle in the middle of Goblin City than it would be to reclaim the darn name. In fact, the entire process takes months, with bidding wars, money, proxy bidding companies, money, garden gnomes and the like.

All of the sudden, the hyphen’s not looking so bad, is it?

Maybe we’ll get the easy-to-type name back someday. If so, we’ll let you know. Until then, embrace the hyphen. Please. Otherwise I’ll be writing to nobody and, well, I probably wouldn’t stop writing, but then it’d be sad like the old lady who has no one to talk to but her cats.

Note: For the next week, when you type in the old name, Andy’s having the old website ‘bounce’ to the new website. So you’ll be good for awhile, but I suggest you start hyphenating, pronto.

Back On the Air

Oh. my. gosh. :::deep breath::: We are back on the air. And guess what? I didn’t lose anything. The site, as we knew it, is intact. Everything’s here. And that… is about all I can tell you. For now.

In the week that we were offline, I made sure not to do anything so that you wouldn’t miss anything. Okay, that’s so far from the truth. I’m in Duluth, MN right now, I’ve got a chest cold that I’m fairly certain isn’t H1N1 (in that I haven’t disintegrated into a high fever and I find myself oinking no more than usual,) and all the while, Andy’s been stuck at home finishing a cabinet that refuses to be finished.

This week, I’ve been running tests in a plant, which is a typical part of my job. What’s not typical is that I’m 5 months pregnant. I’ve decided that I can run in the plant, no problem. I can also be pregnant, no problem. But pregnant during a plant test run is a horse of a different color.

Plant days mean up at 5:30 am, on the floor (of the plant) at 7:00. Stand on your feet, taking intermittent breaks, grabbing lunch when you can, and walk off the floor again at 7:00 pm. That’s a long time to be on your feet when you don’t have terrible posture and weigh 15 extra pounds. I thought I was combatting the problem just fine by squatting and sitting on my heels next to the production line, but apparently I was drawing attention, because my test lead got me a high stool to sit by the line. Score! I also consumed about 2 lbs (no exaggeration) of trail mix over four days, and today I took a nap on a dirty couch in the loft after lunch.

So, while these plant runs aren’t impossible while pregnant, they’re certainly not desirable. It’s pretty amazing how much my needs have changed, but I’m SLOWLY starting to learn that it’s stupid to fight it. Take the stool. Nap on the couch. Now if I can just get this chest cold to go away.

The Trouble Ticket

We have been feuding with our web host. We want to pay the $4/month price that we were quoted when we renewed my account over the phone. They want us to pay for 36 months up front at the rate of $30/month and then ‘call back’ after 8 months to get the difference refunded. They went ahead and charged our credit card, and I love – I do. But I’m just not $1,000+ in love with it. 😉

Anyhow, they charged my credit card. I freaked and called Andy to have him take care of it. He’s tried. And tried. And tried to get ahold of the people at this company. They’re based in California, and they outsource their customer service to [what we can only assume is] India. Andy talked to customer service AGAIN today. He told her about his trouble getting his phonecalls returned. He also told her that he’s put a hold on the funds we were charged on our credit card through our credit card company. She asked him if he’d submitted a trouble ticket yet.

FREEZE! This is where I take an aside – a la Zack Morris – to tell you what a trouble ticket is. Some of you may know. Some may not. A trouble ticket is used in the IT world, and presumably elsewhere, to log problem reports. I use them on my website to report problems (ie slowness, disappearing files, etc) to my web host. I have an online form to fill out and submit electronically. Actually – it’s pretty easy squeezy. Aaaaand, unfreeze.

Andy tells the lady that he hadn’t submitted a trouble ticket yet. So she says that she’ll go ahead and submit one for him – because apparently the company is so big *snort* that phonecalls and emails get lost in the shuffle. (I’m kidding of course, because I truly believe that my web host is actually a couple of teenagers and a basement full of servers.)

Here is the ticket she submitted for us.

[Nov 29, 2007 12:27:22 PM]
Q: Hi,

I have is been extra charged. Also I have send a number of emails to sales and refunds still no response. Tried sales number, no response, Now I am on my way to consult lawyer.Take care of it.

No, we never said that we were on our way to a lawyer. And you’ve gotta love that she rallied at the end with the “Take care of it.” I don’t know why, but this trouble ticket just tickles me to death. So Andy told me I should share with you all. 😉