Deep Tracks

I’ve finally dubbed January as “Official Archival Month” – for this household anyway.  My grandma VC used to say there was nothing good about the month of January. It was a letdown from Christmas, bleak after all the Christmas lights came down. It was colder than December was. Everyone had to go back to work and school and there was nothing to look forward to!  February was able to redeem itself through 1. her birthday and 2. Valentine’s Day.  Then spring came.

I, too, always get down in the dumps after Christmas, which means one thing: I need a project. Last year, I decided to make a digital scrapbook of all our 2010 photos, then have it printed.  I called it our ‘yearbook’.  I also made a video montage of Graham’s first year and otherwise planned his first birthday party. It worked.  January flew by.

This year, I planned to do the same, and have.  I’m currently working on going through iPhoto, our digital photo management software, and paring back alllllllll the hundreds of digital pictures to just the ones we really like. (I try and do this throughout the year, but it gets ahead of me sometimes.)  Then comes the digital scrapbook, for which I’ve only made the cover so far.

In my diggings through iPhoto, I found two movies I shot with my phone then completely forgot about.  I’m sure I thought they were mundane and kinda boring at the time.  Now, I can’t stop playing them.

This one was shot in January at our local park. Graham wasn’t a year old yet.

That was G’s first time on a swing. :::clutches heart::::

The next one tears me up a little too.  Graham is 16 months here. I say something about it being a rough morning, and you can tell Graham’s got tears in his eyes. So sweet.

Like a responsible mother, I drop the phone to go catch my kid from falling off the counter. (Kidding, but almost!)

To this end, in my recent effort of sorting through pictures, I’m finding all kinds of these videos scattered throughout my file folders.  They’re going to be lost forever if I don’t do something about it, so I’m now in the process of – no editing, but – dragging all our 2011 videos onto a DVD and burning a physical copy of them.  And, eventually – when I’m done with my archival duties from 2011, I’m going to do the same thing for my 2010 videos.  I don’t need to worry about going back too terribly far, because we’ve only had our video camera for 2 years!  :)

Hope you enjoyed these little stumbled-upon clips!