Because Babies Demand Proper Window Treatments

They’re done! They’re done! They’re done! They’re done! They’re done! They’re done! They’re done!



Why did I sign myself up for that torture?! I swear, one second Andy and I are talking about doing a Rock Star-themed nursery, the next second I utter the damning phrase, “I should sew some theater curtains!” Yes, GREAT idea. Because, clearly, you have all the technical sewing skills required to make such curtains, not to mention the sewing equipment needed to sew heavy duty fabrics such as this.

Stir allllllll those sarcastic elements together and then give it a heaping dose of “waiting until the last minute” and you get my curtain-sewing situation. I would wait until I’m as big as a house to force myself to stand on my feet and/or bend over an ironing board/sewing machine for hours at a time. I ended up having to bring in Andy to layer and pin fabrics together. Turns out he can iron on fringe better than I can.

We would both like to take this moment to thank our middle school sewing teacher, Mrs. Fleener. Without you, I wouldn’t know how to spool a bobbin, and Andy wouldn’t have been aligning the pins on our hems at the proper perpendicular angles.

Come to think of it, Mrs. Fleener was not only our sewing teacher, but also our family planning teacher, because of whom we have both seen multiple scarring childbirth videos. I never thought childbirth and sewing would meet back on the other side. Seriously. Never.

Back to the curtains, eh? The design is my own, I had no pattern. The panels, we finished early this week. Last night, I sewed the entire valance.

I have been feeling all kinds of pressure to get these curtains finished because of all my false labor contractions I’ve been having this week. Now that these are done, Andy and I just have a couple of things left to do: hang shelves on the walls, and put up the remaining pieces of wall art. Seriously, THAT’S IT. Those are the only remaining in items to do in the Nursery-that-shall-not-be-finished.

Cue the deep, heaving sigh of relief.

Without further ado – pictures!! It was really hard for me to capture in artificial light this morning, but the fabric is navy blue velvet. The fringe is gold. And you get to see the fabulous new glider, which is a chocolate-brown paisley. We’re either totally rocking this theme or making the most hideous, tacky room for our son. Jury will be out until we’re completely finished, I’m afraid.

Party Like a Rockstar

What a weekend! It’s taking everything I’ve got to get even just a blurb up on the website, even though last week/weekend deserve quite a few entries. Only problem is that, as of late, anytime anything remotely exciting happens, it seems I need about 14 hours of sleep to recover. At this point, I’m out of my catatonic state that I drifted into on Sunday afternoon and am now functioning like a college student on about 5 hours sleep. Do-able.

Mom came in for our last pre-baby weekend hurrah on Friday night. We set up the date of our girls weekend, and then I realized that, just by happenstance, my friends here had planned my baby shower for that weekend. So, mom got the double bonus of getting to come to the shower. Pretty cool, huh?

This was a Rock Star baby shower, theme inspired by our nursery decor. Andy and I joke quite often about how this little guy is going to be our drummer, since Andy has guitar (and, on a good day, bass) talents and I can manage to cover a vocal/keyboard track, if absolutely necessary. My hostesses really did me proud on Saturday. I have a few pics on my camera, but I’ll begin the process of acquiring everybody else’s pictures this week. Once I’ve got a decent representation, I’ll be sure an post an album.

For now, these pics are just a teaser.

More to come about the weekend too, but Hugo’s telling me it’s time to get ready for work!


Time for a quickie update on us. Andy and I have settled into a very comfortable routine, of late, where we squeeze in about three or four hours of vigorous chore/errand-like activity, immediately followed by an equal amount of pasted-to-the-couch-watching-back-episodes-of-Numbers-like activity.

You see, Andy’s finally started to succumb to my cold (a.k.a. ‘walking death’), and I… well I’m 35 weeks pregnant. This all means that we are completely IN SYNCH with our activity levels. For once! Hallelujah! Welcome to the Dark Side; we have Tivo.

I took on the curtains for Junior’s bedroom this weekend. Sewing is more work than it seems. Lots of measuring and remeasuring. (That whole “measure twice, cut once” totally applies here too.) Folding, ironing, pinning. The actual, you know, running the fabric through the machine part takes the least time.

My perspective on sewing has actually changed quite a bit, now that I’ve got this VERY large belly. Lots of bending over tables is involved. Lots of tiny pieces and parts (measuring tape, pins, pencils, seam rippers, etc) sitting atop tables which love to fall onto the floor. The very, very far away floor. When they do, I have a quick conversation with myself determining whether I’m likely to need that item before Andy gets up for his next restroom break.

All that said, I’m about what I’d call half done. I, think these are going to look pretty cool once they’re finished, but at this point, whatever they turn out to be will just be peachy keen by me. Because there will be curtains, they will be on the window, and they will block out light.

Oh yeah, we had our glider (read: rocker/recliner) for Junior’s room delivered this weekend. It is so cute (chocolate brown, sorta plush fabric with a raised paisley pattern on it) and unbelievably comfortable. It swivels, rocks, reclines… the whole bit. I l-o-v-e this thing.

Now it’s time to start another work week. This week, I’ve reached my 35/35 milestone. This means, I’m 35 weeks pregnant, and I have 35 days left until my due date. Woohoo!

Ooh, and speaking of time running out: now’s a great time to enter the baby pool. I understand the whole “I like to lurk on your site without you knowing that I actually read it,” thing, but it’s just a bit of fun. And, hey, Ben, I promise to personally send you something, should you actually win.

Center Stage

So, some of you know, but Andy and I decided on a ‘Rock Star’ theme for Junior’s nursery. I’m not going to lie – this hasn’t been the easiest decor theme to acheive, especially because we still want this to look like a baby’s room. There are no Rock Star Baby decor sets to be had in the world right now. In fact, we’ve almost decided to go in a completely different direction, like jungle animals or airplanes, several times just for simplicity.

But we couldn’t let the Rock Star theme go. No matter how hard we tried to abandon it, we just kept thinking up ideas on how to execute it. Fine. So little by little, we’re piecing this room together.

One major decorative element in the room is the window coverings. And, this is so over the top, but I think this is how I’m planning to bring the ‘rock star’ home:

Stage curtains.



Since we’ve got light blue and brown going on in the room now, I’ve chosen a crushed blue velvet fabric and a 3-inch gold bullion fringe trim. I’ve got a valence pattern, and I intend to wing the panels as I’ve made them before for our guest room with acceptable results.

No use telling me I’m crazy. We almost put a chandelier in that room until we both realized it’s more practical to install a ceiling fan instead. Half of the reason I’m writing this is to hold myself accountable to actually making these curtains. I know if I write about the intention, you’ll all hold me to it. ::sigh:: I still can’t believe I’m going to do this. 😛