The To-Do List

I’m falling behind on here, and I know it. I’m exhausted. I’ve got too much on my to-do list at all times. Sometimes, when I get a rare moment to sprawl out on the couch and open Facebook, I think about my computer and how the blog goes untouched.

And that’s pretty much all I have the energy to do: think about it.

In the end, I actually think I’m making healthy choices for me and my sanity (contrary to what I’m indicating above). I’m listening to my head and my body and taking time to actually rest instead of pushing through and getting more done. Feels kinda good, actually.

Wanna see my list of things to write about?

  1. A post about our recent cross-Midwest drive. I actually started a draft of it on Sunday night, I think, figuring I’d have time over one of my lunch hours to finish it. Hee. Nope.  That will be coming the soonest.
  2. A post about our visit with family while we were in Illinois. And related post to how we need a much more substantial backyard down here. And also how my son has a steely tolerance for chigger bites that he did NOT inherit from his mother. (“What, those red bumps? Those are supposed to be bothersome and itchy? Huh.”)
  3. Another related post about how I am not able to post ALL the pictures from our visit to Illinois because I apparently forgot everything I know about software angriness that follows updates and decided to just… run all the updates that WordPress suggested, thereby breaking my photo albums page. Again. (And breaking my ability to post from my iPad, as the app no longer works with the new versions of software…) Don’t worry, I had a backup option for the photos that is, I think, more robust and less bratty than what I used to have that I found when I redesigned the site. I’ll get that going, oh, I’m not going to lie to you. It’s going to take a miracle, but I’m trying!
  4. A post about our anniversary and how we chucked all sense out the window and went to a Collective Soul concert on a Sunday night. Very fun. But standing in General Admission always makes me feel WAY older than I am. Even though Andy and I couldn’t for sure spot another couple younger than us (it was Collective Soul, after all). I’m basing the oldness purely on how much I wanted to whine prior to the concert starting. :)
  5. A post about how our beloved worship leader is leaving our church to pastor at another far, far away in TWO WEEKS. Okay, it’s only a couple hours away, but he and his wife have to move, and we have to fill his position somehow. I am sad about this, but am dutifully speaking out loud all the reasons this will be a good thing like everybody else seems to be. I’m selfish, though, so there.
  6.  A post about how Graham started swim lessons this week and how they’re exhausting us both but absolutely delighting at least one of us. (Okay, probably both of us, but definitely not for the same reasons.)
  7. A post about one more thing that I need to talk to my dear husband about before writing, because we need to align on posts such as these before they go out.

Now would be a good time to remind me that Twitter isn’t broken and that, if I’d just update the Daily Catch every once in awhile, you all would [likely] be even somewhat satisfied.

Alrighty – so who’s going to get on that ‘extra hours in the day’ thing? Hmm?

Ooh, Fancy

Well hello there!

Told ya a little while ago I’d gotten the itch to freshen things up around here. That was nigh a month ago, but I’ve got essentially one free hour to myself a day, and I like to spend some of that catching up with Andy and not staring into a computer screen.

Hope you like the new digs. I, personally, was so sick of the old color scheme after I got this one in gear. Can you believe the last time I redesigned the site (not counting my transition to WordPress) was back in March/April of 2009? Apparently spring cleaning is not exclusive of web space.

You will notice a few things. (Let’s face it, probably more than I list.)

  1. My Daily Catch is cranky. Every so often you’ll get a “Twitter API blah blah blah” error. Normal. Can’t fix it – it’s apparently Twitter’s problem. When I first started the Daily Catch though, it was broken more than it worked, and it has gotten LOADS better over the years, so I’m hoping this will be the same deal.
  2. You can GOOGLE search me now. (Notice the search bar on the right column.) So very cool.
  3. Also on the right-hand bar, I’ve consolidated all the social media things I’m into, if you have further interest in keeping tabs on what we do. (Sidenote, if you haven’t discovered RSS feeds, do it. It’s like having a dynamic magazine on my phone at all times. I’ll post a follow-up on how to do this. It deserves a separate thread. It really isn’t difficult at all, but all the “RSS 101” articles on the Internet make it seem like it’d be easier to learn to knit with your big toes.)
  4. I have a contact page again!!!  So excited. Shoots me a note straight to my inbox.
  5. My photo albums made the leap. (<– probably the thing I’m most excited/surprised about) They’re not perfect, and I’ve got a little work to do with them, but to not have to completely recreate the entire shebang from scratch AGAIN is amazing.

Any questions on it – just shoot me a note on the Contact page or leave a comment here. :)


Spring has sprung, and I’m in the mood for a refresh.

Case in Point #1: I’m redesigning the site, and I can’t wait for it to go live. People – I am so excited. I’ve got a new palette of colors and my contact page exists. Or, rather, it will when the new site goes up.

Sidebar. That contact page stumped the heck out of me for, oh, two years, and then once I actually set out to figure it out – it took me like two seconds. You’ll never believe how I figured it out either…. I went to Google. I typed in: “Free WordPress contact form plugin,” and I got recommendation after recommendation for a good free plugin. Ridiculous, really. Two minutes later, I had a Contact page. Bam.

Case in Point #2: I got a 30% off coupon for Gap and Banana Republic outlet stores. In-store only (rare these days) and two days only. It… was crazy. But I saved so much money. And Graham has half a 3T wardrobe for spring and summer now. He is gonna be one dapper man. (I cannot confirm or deny that he has more than two pairs of madras shorts now.) I am very excited for this warm weather.

Case in Point #3: I am itching to get outside and tackle the warm weather things on our running homestead to-do list.

On it:

  1. Pansies for the front door pot.
  2. Scrub the balconies.
  3. Wash down and restain/seal patio furniture.
  4. Wash the windows.
  5. Replant the garden.
  6. Mulch the beds.

This warm sunny weather is all kinds of inspiring, and I’m trying to remind myself to soak it in before hell comes ablazin’ by June. :)

Photos from Elijah’s Baptism Weekend

The photos from this weekend are up! Go see! (Click on the Photographs tab.) :)

This Weekend’s Photos

We dragged out the camera a couple days this weekend, including today – when Andy and Graham had a boy’s day home while Momma brought the bacon.  They’re on the Photographs page.  There are a lot of portrait (vertical) pics, so make sure you’re clicking on the thumbnail to see them full screen.  (You can use your left and right keyboard arrows to shuffle through the pics.  Saves a lotta clicking.)