Heading into the January Funk


Twinkle lights come down and Wisconsin officially brings the pain – as far as weather is concerned.

And as my unemployed status stretches into 2016… ahem…


… I find myself needing another plan. I’ve now officially painted all the rooms. Just kidding – only three rooms: The living room, the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom. Either way, my painting projects are finished.

Good news is I have a potential job on the hook(!) Better news is it actually feels solid enough to post it on the internet, which is pretty big, guys. I’ll admit. But the interview process is taking longer than I’d like. The holidays are the culprit. All the end-of-the-year slow downs and then the whole WHAMMO WELCOME BACK HOW WERE YOUR HOLIDAYS? GREAT? GREAT. GUESS WHAT, BUDGETS HAVE REFRESHED I NOW NEED APPROXIMATELY 1 BAZILLION THINGS DONE THANKS doesn’t appear to be helping [my employed counterparts] either.

Meanwhile, my rooms are painted, Christmas is put away, and I have nothing much more to do in a day than brew cup after cup of coffee, stare at my four walls and try not to eat all the food in my pantry. Something my brain keeps asking itself – and rightly so:

Where are all those house projects I lamented about not being able to do while I was working full time? The “Oh… if I could only have a staycation! I could finally get so much done!” projects. What WERE those projects anyway?

Again, I say: I need a new plan. You’re all mentally sending me possibilities of things to do aren’t you? If you feel so compelled, go ahead and drop them in the comments.

Meanwhile, we’re coming up on a weekend. I’m probably going to finish out the rest of this day by decluttering (a.k.a. opening my cabinets and throwing a bunch of stuff away). Unfortunately, I can’t keep going like this. 10 years of: Make a strategy/set a timebound and measurable goal/measure progress against said goal has broken me forever. I can’t NOT project manage. I’m honestly not sure I know how.


*Disclaimer: This post may seem downbeat, but I’m really doing OK. Promise. Cross my heart. Just realized I should be blogging more and took the opportunity. :)