True Love

Ahhh love. It started as passed notes and stolen glances. Eventually it was little gifts and baked birthday cakes. Now? It’s an automated irrigation system that he installed on a Sunday afternoon in my flower beds.

Because love means never having to go out and water your plants in 100+ degree weather.



P.S. Did I marry the greatest guy, or what?!

Time to Celebrate!

Oh, hi! Been awhile since I’ve written, no? In case you’ve been silently cursing me as you visit the site for the umpteenth time without an update, I figured I’d throw one on the barbie. Err.. yeah. Something like that.

We had a mighty fine week of celebrations here at Chez Fischy. Andy and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary this week on Wednesday. (That would be the fourth anniversary of our wedding, not the anniversary of our fourth wedding.) Thankfully being parents didn’t throw us too far off our game, as we both had cards waiting for each other on the morning of June 3 before we left for work. We each deserve a hearty pat on the back for that I think.

Later that day, Andy got extra brownie points for sending me a beauteous bouquet of chocolate-covered strawberries at work. Go ahead, Google “Anniversary Gifts by Year”. You know how 1st is paper and 2nd is leather and all of that? Yeah, well the fourth anniversary is “fruit and flowers.” So you see how a bouquet of chocolatey strawberries is nothing short of perfect. Plus, I was the most popular girl in the cube farm that day, as you can imagine.

Saturday we celebrated two occasions. It being June 5, we celebrated Mister G’s turning 4 months old. Can you believe it? He’s getting SO big (we’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so we’ll get the verdict on just how big he’s actually gotten then), and he’s doing more and more every day.

We owe pictures, I KNOW we do. I’ve been admittedly using my spare time working on getting WordPress integrated on this site, which – if I do everything correctly – will make it insanely easy to post pictures and video. I’ll try and get some pics up this week if I find the time. It’s just so darn hard to come by these days.

The second thing we ‘celebrated’ on Saturday was our first date night as new parents. Brian and Michelle took a break from unpacking to watch the little man for us so that we could go downtown for dinner. We dined at a place called Fearing’s and the food, drink and experience were all equally amazing. We even took the time to stroll around the city block before we headed back to pick up the Bean.

All said, we’ve had a delightful week. Pictures!! I know… pictures! I’m really not slow on the uptake, I’m really not. I just wish there were an easier way to do it. When you’ve got an hour with the boy and an hour as a couple every night, it’s tough to take even a little of that time to sit at the computer and mess around with the Internet. :) I do promise I will try though!!

Now THAT’S What I Call a Birthday!

No need to double-check your calendars. June 21st hasn’t passed without your knowing. Andy bought my birthday present a whopping two weeks early this year, and he has been feeling very good about it. Taunting me all week. “Do you want to open your present? Bet you don’t know what it is…” Last night was date night, which basically means we don’t make plans with other people and we just stay home to hang out with each other. Andy got home, we caught up on the day’s events, and then I sat down to play piano. Andy told me he was going to go upstairs and wrap my present. Then he came downstairs frustrated that I didn’t have more than just scraps of wrapping paper upstairs. Not to be undone, he left for the store. He came back 20 or so minutes later and had me shut my eyes so I couldn’t see my wrapping paper. I figured it was Spider Man or something else goofy.

Andy retreated upstairs, and I resumed piano. About a half hour later, I heard, “So guess what?” I turned around and there was Andy, holding a chocolate birthday cake with sprinkles all decked out with sparkly candles in one hand and balancing two birthday gifts in the other. “I bet you didn’t know it was your birthday today!” he said. And so I opened my present – a Wii!!!!!!!! – and we had birthday cake. What an amazing surprise!

Now, maybe you’re wondering why we celebrated a full 8 days early. Well, see we’re traveling to Illinois on my birthday weekend for Erin’s shower. Not very practical to pack up a Wii to take on an airplane just so I can open it and bring it back. So the idea was to open presents before that weekend. Then work interfered. I’m scheduled to go to Aberdeen this week, and I’m flying directly from Aberdeen to Illinois at the end of the week. Andy will meet me in St. Louis Friday night. That means I’d have to open presents on Tuesday. Since we were getting further and further away from my birthday, Andy decided it was a good idea to just go ahead and celebrate Saturday morning (yes, Saturday) so that we could play the Wii all weekend. Then Friday night, he got too excited and couldn’t wait until Saturday. So he bumped it up. :) Gotta love that guy.

Joyeaux Anniversaire

Okay, so “Joyeaux Anniversaire” means, “Happy Birthday”. Sue me. :)

Andy and I had a fantastic anniversary celebration last night. We got cards from Grandpa and Grandma Ludlow and his folks. My folks called and left us a sweet message. Hard to believe it’s been two years! Time’s flown! I got Andy a new (slick-lookin’ if you ask me) watch, and I got… are you ready, ladies??… a DAY at the spa. Ahhhhh yes. Sa-weet.

We went out to dinner at Jasper’s. A New American restaurant in Plano. So, so very good. Blue cheese potato chips. Tomato basil soup for Andy and a salad for me. Andy had the filet, and I had ribs (ribs!) if you believe it. Then we finished up with a Butterfinger creme brulee and coffee. Oh yeah. I ate my brains out. We waddled home (actually kinda hard to do, in heels) and were just about to flip on a half hour show on the Tivo so that gravity could help our digestive systems when Jeff called. Andy and Jeff (aka the groom-to-be in 4 days) had a much-needed leisurely chit-chat. He gets a bye this year, but next year – Jeff, wait to call until the 4th. 😉

Two Years Ago, Today…

… I landed me a good’n.