:::Cough Snort Wheeeeze:::

Guys, I am one step away from needing a séance and a medium to write this blog post.  A little dramatic? Sure. But these last few days have not been fun. Yee-ikes.

It started with a rather unassuming, although annoying, sore throat on Monday. It went away Tuesday. Came back Wednesday with pink eye and inexplicable left foot pain (what the H, by the way). Stuck around Thursday and throughout the day took a journey down to the old vocal chords, so that – by Friday, I woke up squeaky.

Laryngitis is fun on the first day. It’s not something you get that often, and it’s a little like inhaling helium from a balloon.  You sound funny. People laugh. It’s a great time. “I sound worse than I feel!” I was quick to tell everyone, because it was the truth. Yes, I was dead tired, but meh. I could deal with that.

On Saturday, all humor had gone. I felt like you-kn0w-what and it was the weekend. AND I had a 2-year-old who didn’t know (nor care) that Mommy felt like roadkill.  It hurt to squeak words out. I managed to get Graham to his hair appointment, but once we hit the house at Noon, I said, “I’m going to go lie down.” I hit our bed, and was out. Slept for an hour and, when I woke up at 1:00, I laid under the covers trying to muster energy to go upstairs to watch T.V. with Andy. I did that for about 20 minutes until I realized I was thirsty and finally was able to get up and shuffle to get a glass of water before I laid back down on the couch next to Andy.

I fell asleep again at 5:00 and again for the night at 9:30.

It’s been a bit better since that day. I had more voice Sunday, but I ended up taking Monday as a sick day to, you know, actually relax and sleep and hydrate and do all the things I really wanted to do on Saturday and Sunday.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been this sick. I mean – not sleeping through the night, can’t taste food, can’t smell Vapo-Rub kinda sick. I’ve had all these posts floating in my head that I need to get down at some point. Today’s the first day that I felt like I could be vertical for several hours with a minimal chance of pitching face forward and face-planting in a keyboard.  I’m feeling pretty confident now that those posts will get written.

Just wanted to affirm that I am alive, albeit fairly whiny, and I’ll be back at posting again relatively soon!


  1. Sorry you have been so sick!  Wish I could have been available to help out.  We’ve been helping Grandma and Grandpa get out from under their boxes. We definitely helped clear out a lot of stuff for them!

  2. Hope you continue to feel better.

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