Customer Service

Christmas shopping is done, but not all packages have been received. One in particular – I realized on Monday – I had received shipment notification on two weeks ago and hadn’t seen yet. I dug through my email, found the tracking number, tracked the package and saw…

… it had been delivered.

Friday before last.

To a house in Peculiar, MO. (Apropos location for this specific situation though, non?)

I contacted the company. Someone Amazon does business with, but who takes care of their own customer service after the initial point of purchase is complete.

The email back-and-forth went something like this:

Me: Hi. This is my order number. There was apparently a mix-up and my order was delivered to an undisclosed address in Peculiar, MO.

Customer Service: I’m sorry for the confusion. What’s the correct address?

Me: :::biting my tongue to not tell them to look on the order form::: It’s <insert my home address here>.

Customer Service (24 hours later): I’ve contacted FedEx. It appears that your package was delivered. The notes from delivery indicate that it was left on your doorstep, have you looked around for it?

Me: …  Yes. It was delivered. To Peculiar, MO. I live in Texas.

Customer Service: Would you like me to ship you another one?

Me: … Yes.

Customer Service: I’ll have a tracking number for you tomorrow.

All snarky reflections on this exchange aside, I’m mighty glad I got my Christmas shopping started early!


  1. It is rather peculiar that your package showed up in Peculiar, Mo where we had been living for the last 3 weeks!

  2. How odd. Susan and I were staying in our motor coach  while our floors were being done for 3weeks in da da da da. Peculiar, Mo.  It’s a dinky town with just 2 streets in their downtown and a campground on the other side of rt 71.Had we known earlier we could have played elf and pick it up for you. On another note there is smoking in their resturant in Peculiar.  Decent food with a menthol smokey flavor.

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