Day 17 – A Movie that Disappointed You the Most

NeverEnding Story 2: The Next Chapter.  I’ll give the studio credit for trying – I guess, but they were never going to live up to the sheer perfection that my 8-year-old self had dreamed up as the call-and-answer to my own personal Nirvana: The [original] NeverEnding Story.  And you know what?  While I was out skipping rocks on Google, I found more than a fair amount of people who felt the same way.  Or rather it’s more appropriate to say that there’s a presence on the Internet that felt like ‘The Next Chapter’ was a personal attack on their childhood memories.

This movie – in contrast to the original – somehow managed to be saccharine and watered down.  The main character, Bastian (played by Jonathan Brandis of Seaquest ‘fame’), is no longer finding a way to cope with the recent loss of his mother by escaping into the recesses of his imagination – as he was in the first movie, but rather is now afraid of jumping off the high board at swim class and decides to deal with it by jaunting off to Fantasia to cash back in on that ‘as many wishes as you want’ deal he scored at the end of the first movie.

It just gets worse from there.

Original: The Rockbiter sat and mourned his inability to save his friends’ lives in the first movie and essentially decides to stay put and await his own death.
Sequel:  The Rockbiter has a baby who is prone to falling down a lot!

Original: The object of everyone’s fear is “The Nothing” a bodiless enigma that causes the obliteration of  a world you were just introduced to – mentioned only in passing by the fearful accounts of various characters in the movie.
Sequel:  The enemy is a woman wearing a red sequined dress and too much eyeshadow, called “The Emptiness” who erases your memories when you make too many wishes.

Do you get where I’m going here?  It was awful.  And I don’t remember much about it.  But if you want to know more… there’s plenty out there on Google to read!

Coming tomorrow on Day 18 of the 30 Day Movie Challenge: “A Movie that You Wish More People Would’ve Seen”

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