Day 22 – Favorite Documentary

I think “Babies” qualifies as a documentary?  It barely has any words, so I feel like that’s a trusty rule of thumb.  This is – by far – the favorite documentary I’ve seen.  Heck, it’s one of the only ones I remember seeing.  Getting to watch adorable babies doing adorable things for an hour and a half?  YES, thank you.  The trailer says it all.  I’m trying to keep these brief over the weekend, so I’ll just leave you with this trailer as its own selling point.  It really says it all.  The movie is more of the same.  Delightful from beginning to end.

Except for when you watch the Mongolian farmer’s wife straddle a motorcycle behind her husband, which then takes off bouncing across the grassy hills of the countryside, bound for home.  Um, WHAT?  I walked like John Wayne for a week after coming home from the hospital!  Mom and I both screamed when we watched that part.  :)

Coming tomorrow on Day 23 of the 30 Day Movie Challenge: “Favorite Animation”


  1. Grandma Vena says:

    Are u trying to tell us something, Debbie? I loved seeing u & family. Graham is awfully smart for his age.

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