Don’t Let the Bad Bugs Bite

Dude – it has been one gross week.. err.. few days(?)… at our house. Graham woke up in the middle of the night on Saturday night with a complete and convincing re-enactment of The Exorcist’s famous pea soup scene. G-ross. We have been doing semi-constant laundry and singing the praises of our Bissel Little Green Deep Cleaner ever since.

Andy and I couldn’t help but credit the little guy for being such a champ during the Night of Awfulness. He even looked at me at one point with a grin on his face, shook his head a little bit in disbelief and said, “Mommy.. I’m so sick!” It was like Buddy the Elf himself had spoken those words to me.

All said, the night passed into day and it looked like we would all escape with minimal damage (except, of course, The Wait to see if Andy and I come down with it… as yet to be determined). I even got this chipper picture texted to me from Andy on the homefront the next morning while I was singing at church.

Up and at ’em. Playing with Play-Doh and one of his ‘poop prizes’ (little dollar store toys for going on the potty). Sounds gross and ridiculous, sure, but it gets the job done (and in the right place, thankyouverymuch).

Ahh, stomach viruses. Very yucky and miserable, but thankfully short and predictable.


You see, Sunday, Graham was chipper and seemingly making strides to pull through. We fully planned on having him back in school on Monday, but in the middle of the night Sunday night, his “other half” decided to join the fun. Lordy. Monday, he had less of an appetite than Sunday and dehydration was starting to get the better of him, despite on-going efforts to push the Pedialyte. He took a 5-hour nap that day. Slept for 12 hours that night.

This morning he woke up cranky and thirsty. Despite requesting food from Andy (grilled cheese, to be exact), he resumed the throwing up routine before Andy could talk him back down to toast and applesauce. Really?? I didn’t think you could go backwards with this stuff. Gah.

To the doctor he went. Doc was a veritable cornucopia of good news…

“This thing has been ripping through households.”
“Nothing you two can do but wait to get it.”
“If he’s still not holding down fluids by tomorrow, bring him back in for an IV.”

… but at least Andy walked out of there with a prescription for Zofran (anti-nausea). So while we are apparently COMPLETELY DOOMED to get it, lol, we have some hope that we can get Graham feeling back up to snuff so he can stop feeling (and looking) so pathetic. :(

 Send him well thoughts!!


  1. After reading this post, I want to spray my immediate surroundings with Lysol. Hope you are all healthy very soon!

    • I know. Whenever I so much as read about another person’s bad experience with this sort of bug, I have to mentally remind myself that there’s no physical way I could possibly get it from them. It totally spurs the heebie jeebies though!! :)

  2. Hope Graham is feeling better and everyone stays well.  Take care!

  3. That last picture is heart breaking.  It’s so funny what one does to remain as comfortable as possible while one is sick.  There are few things worse than seeing your child sick and weak and not themselves, and this one sounds to be a doozy.  Give him a hug from Uncle Brian and tell him Charlie yells, “Grum! Look!  Big Truck!”. (He may not have said this, but it was the most likely scenario.)

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