Easter 2014

Last weekend was a great visit with family. We traveled to Illinois for the Easter weekend and were able to catch up with a bunch of family! Maybe most importantly, Andy and I were finally able to meet Grace! Little Grace was recuperating after a bug, so she may not have felt like 100% but it made no difference to this auntie. We got a proper introduction and snuggles. Girl didn’t even make it into the house before she was in my arms. :)


Look at us three! All grown up and peppered with children!

We had such a great time! It had only been a couple months since our last visit, but now that we only live 4 hours away it somehow felt like an exceedingly long gap.

Saturday, we had Tony’s family over and we did a cousins’ Easter egg hunt in mom and dad’s backyard.


Carsten is all set to go!


Graham dominated. But he shared his eggs after the fact. After a little motherly encouragement. Ahem.


McKenna held court. She acquired a couple of eggs and was perfectly content to admire them by her basket.


Reid was all about finding eggs until he realized there was something INSIDE the eggs. Then he had a completely different mission. EAT ALL THE CHOCOLATE.

Later that day, after nap, we dyed Easter eggs!


Hahaha – isn’t this picture great?? I am such a cool mom. NOT.


Reid hanging with his ultimate hero. Dad trumps all other people, including me and Andy. He would be happy if Dad would just carry him around 100% of the time. Thanks.


My G. Love this guy.

Guess what? After we all went to bed, the Easter Bunny came and hid all our eggs! And came with baskets (which we didn’t really get pictures of). The main event was the egg hunt, after all.


Ready for the hunt!

Sidebar: You see that cluster of white bunnies on the floor behind Graham? The smallest bunny is his bunny. It’s one of two almost identical bunnies: one is white, the other grayish-brown. This bunny’s name is “Easter”. Saturday night, he had his two bunnies in bed with him and before I left the room he held Easter bunny out to me and said, “Here Mommy, take ‘Easter’. He has a lotta work to do tonight!” So precious.


Reid is not a morning person. He needs a little time to warm up. The first 15 minutes after he wakes up, you’ll find him in somebody’s lap drinking his cup of milk. Sacred morning routine.


We rushed the routine a little…. whoops.


Graham was such a great egg-finder!


Success on the egg hunt! Now, breakfast for the hungry hunters!

The rest of the day was spent at church and then hanging around Mom and Dad’s house. Both Michael & Tony’s families came over after their church services and we got a little cousin time in!


Mom and Reid having some quiet time, reading his new Easter books.


Graham, still in church clothes [sans polo], playing in the backyard. His khakis were totally grass-stained. It was awesome. :)


Gabriel showing off his spit ball pitch.


Elijah being Elijah. Found some really great rocks. Transported them around the yard…


… in my brothers’ old – yet awesome – Tonka dump truck.


I love this picture. Shows the scene of all of us. Graham playing in dirt. Elijah off to the left working the dump truck. Me, Tony & Gabriel (and my Dad, off to the left of this picture) tossing a baseball around.

It was a really beautiful weekend. We’re all so ready for spring up here. This Easter weekend we took full advantage of the warm sunny days!

Hope your Easter weekend was just as wonderful!



  1. Love this photo journal. It was a wonderful weekend!!

  2. I have three favorite pictures:
    1. McKenna’s outfit – Claire needs something similar next year. 
    2. Your face painting eggs, lol. I can only imagine.
    3. Reid’s morning picture. Like a 16 year old boy who was made to get up before noon! 

    • Hahaha – love it. Yeah, Graham was removing an egg while I was trying to get the drying tray over to him. Andy snapped the picture and was like “ohhhhh you’re gonna love that shot.” :)

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