Eat, Pray… Shop

It’s been quite a good week and weekend, folks!

More on the furniture progress: Goodwill came by the house Wednesday to pick up the old kitchen table, and – while the truck was here – we unloaded some other small pieces of furniture, accessories and a few bags of clothes. Nice! Then, on Thursday, our kitchen buffet was delivered. Saturday, Andy and I used naptime to move into the new furniture piece, and I sustained one massive allergy attack from all the dust.

But. Oh my gosh, I have to get a picture to post here, because I love our breakfast nook’s new look so much that I want to squeal like a piglet every time I see it.

I used my work at home day to make dinner to take to a couple of friends who have recently had babies. This meant I had to triple a recipe, which I’m not sure I’ve ever had to do before, but it was pretty fun!


P.S. After I posted this photo to Instagram, a chef left a tip for me that said if you light a gas burner and chop onions next to it, the flame/heat will kill the onion fumes. No tears! So trying that next time. I’m a pretty efficient chopper, but when it gets to over three onions, I’m done for.

Saturday morning, Andy watched Graham and my friend Sherryl’s son (2 months younger than Graham), so I could head out shopping with Sherryl, her daughter Lauren, and our friend Kendell. We hit up our favorite secondhand store for its semiannual sale. I found a couple of things, including these skater shoes. :)


This morning at church was Andy’s Shadow Sunday. A couple of months ago, he got linked up as a mentor to one of this year’s confirmands. His confirmand’s name is Dane. Dane is 12, and he just started taking classical guitar lessons. Shadow Sunday is intended to show the confirmands what their mentors’ church ministry is – or, how you volunteer at church. Well, perfect.

This morning, Dane got to sit next to Andy onstage and play during offertory. Actually, two other kids, also shadowing, did the same. So we had an extra keyboard player and a violinist. :)


Aren’t they cute?

The rest of the day was spent playing trucks, reading books and going to the park.


Hope you had a good week/weekend, and we’ll see about getting those furniture pics up soon!


  1. Great update! Thanks for posting – will try to call this week!

  2. Yea…I got a shout out. :)

  3. Of course! :)

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