Embracing Positivity

Some practical advice for a Complaint Fast.

Embrace positivity.

That’s right – go just a little Chris Traeger on your day.








Sidenote: Just watched the last episode with Chris and Ann on Hulu last night. :::tear::: He was *such* a great character. That’s really going to leave a hole.

Chris Traeger jokes aside, Andy and I have talked about whether this no complaints thing is just going to be a means of burying feelings (super unhealthy) and being artificial (I have zero tolerance for that). I think it could be either, but I think it can also be neither. I have no intention of ever burying feelings. It’s pretty subjective, I admit, but I do think there’s a difference between saying, “I’m so frustrated and sad,” and “OMG I hate snow.” For instance, Andy (noted: not taking the complaining fast), looked out the window yesterday morning at the snow coming down in droves and said, “It’ll be spring soon, guys.” He could’ve complained and just… went the other way.

He had no issues talking about how much he hated the Frozen song, “Let it Go” about 10 minutes later however. 😉

My former boss was the most positive person I know [and may ever know]. She could refer to a person who was seriously enraging their co-workers with certain behaviors, giggle, and say, “They are so silly, because…”

Another thing she did that she encouraged her whole team to do was, instead of talking about all the things something didn’t have (so, say… “I’m not buying that car because it doesn’t have AWD or heated seats,”), turn it into a wish. (So, “I wish that car had AWD and heated seats. That would really make me want to buy it. Not today.”) See the difference? Try it sometime. It is a POWERFUL dialogue tool. It makes you feel totally differently about a situation. Less negative. More wistful. Clear about what’s lacking. (Also, in practical business terms, entices the other person to work with you toward a common goal instead of putting them on the defensive.)

Much better. Go forth and Traeger, y’all.


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