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I’m noticing a trend. Normally I like to keep it light. Positive. But when my shell cracks and I really put it out there, I tend to eat crow shortly after. Like my infamous post on Facebook that Graham was JUST. NEVER. GOING TO BE BORN. (2 weeks early… ::huge side-eye to my impatient pregnant self::)

Only to go into labor literally an hour later.



So of course I write this post last Friday. And in the following Monday’s post, I wrote:

… I feel more positive this week. And I feel in my bones that this job hunt is drawing to a close.

Wouldn’t you know it? I was right!

Tuesday afternoon, I was folding laundry in my bedroom while Graham had a snack downstairs. I had been feeling like it was reaching time to hear back about a job interview I’d had a few weeks back. They had told me at the time that it would be a few weeks before I heard.

And you know that old adage about envelopes when you’re applying for colleges? About how acceptances come in big, fat envelopes and how rejections come in little ones? Well, the job hunt equivalent is this:

Offers come in phonecalls. Rejections come via email. 

Knowing it had been a few weeks since this particular company’s interview, I was compulsively refreshing email and making sure my ringer was on. While putting a stack of towels in my bathroom, I heard the phone ring. The caller wasn’t in my address book and it was a local number.

Which means I was like…

When I picked up and the HR person immediately offered me the job, my face was like…

But in my head I was all:

But to the HR person, I was like:

I went downstairs and told Graham. His reaction when I told him:

Someone doesn’t want to give up our after-school hangouts.

But then when I called Andy, he and his coworkers were like:

And ensuing texts and phonecalls with friends and family are basically…

And the rest is history. I start March 7th, which gives me just over a week to get everyone and everything ready for a dual-working household again and properly work up some first-day nerves. Better get busy!


  1. UNCLE BRIAN!!! says:

    This post makes me smile. Nice GIFs.

    I know the feeling you’ve had the past 6 months and the feelings you’ve had these last two weeks. But all the bad mojo immediately goes away once you get that good offer and everyone basks in your glory.

    But poor Graham. He’ll get over it, but poor guy. (The preceding comment was not intended to create mama guilt, though it probably would have to my babies’ mama.)

    • I know – my poor buddy! We totally get it. He really has nothing to celebrate here. Yes, we’ve told him that this means we get to stay in our house/his school and all that implies -but it’s too abstract for age 6. He’s a champ though. He’ll tear up about it with us sometimes but when we see other people, he’ll run up to them and squeal, “Guess what? My mom got a job!!” :)

  2. I am SO happy!! I love the GIFs – you deserve this. And I know it feels like forever when you’re in the thick of it, but I think you actually did incredible with how fast you got a new job! I know several people who went 8-12 months unemployed while looking :-( Happy thoughts to the whole Fischer household!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This post is awesome on so many levels! :) Congrats Debs, you’ll do great! Now start working on that “first day of school” outfit!

  4. Late to the game on this one: awesome post! Can’t wait to hear about the first week and of course, the Nordstrom visit!

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