Empty Handed

I humbly come to you with no updates.

Okay, I guess that couldn’t possibly be true, but we’ve had a good (or bad, depending on how you look at it) stretch where we’ve been seriously busy, and I have been enjoying not sitting down to write.

Andy brought up the 30-Day Movie Challenge and I gave him a long-winded monologue detailing the reasons that I wasn’t entitled to holding myself to that sort of endeavor.  I’m really funny sometimes.  I do intend to finish – mostly because I’d already prethought all my movies for all the prompts.  :)  Someday…

But yes, okay.  Unless you’ve been living under an air-conditioned rock, you know it has been stinkin hot here.  It’s hot everywhere, I hear – so hot that one has difficulty finding reasons why they should be out and about doing much of anything.  Pools are no longer refreshing.  Sidewalks and driveways too hot for bare feet.  Mailboxes and exterior doorknobs are too hot to touch.  Yikes, it’s hot.  As such, we’ve been staying inside.  And because of that we’re finding things to do around the house.  Double whammy: we’re not pulling out the camera.

Saturday was a fun day.  We got to celebrate our friends’ daughter’s first birthday, then we doubled down and celebrated Michelle’s birthday on the very same night.  Good times were had by all, but again – no camera!  (What are we good for anyway?)

Graham continues to become his own little man.  He’s sponging up words like you wouldn’t believe.  Sometimes – especially for nouns – he’ll give a new word a couple of practice tries, then have it down pat.  Pretty fun.  He’s definitely down to one nap a day, but truth be told: he’s pretty crabby during the last 2-3 hours before it.  Two naps would be overkill, one isn’t quiiiiiiiite doing it, but this is the point of no return.

He’s going downstairs on his own (well-guarded, mind you), able to climb on and off of kitchen chairs, eating with a fork and spoon on plates and bowls, trying to drink out of a real cup, picks out which books he wants to read at bedtime, opens his dresser drawers to get his bedtime blankie, dries his own hands with a paper towel and throws it in the trash can (sometimes wiping up the floor too), peels his bananas…

Every day we give him opportunities (usually thinking there’s no WAY he could do this yet) and he surprises us.  Pretty awesome thing to watch.

So that’s it.  Not too bad for a ‘nothing to update’ update, huh?

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