When last we left our hero…

I’d been so impressed by the zippy new car and the promise of a $100 fix that I stopped bugging Josh at Sewell.  He’d made it right, in my eyes, and now all I had to do was drive an awesome car until he called me.

Well, he didn’t take the pressure off. Every day – sometimes multiple times a day – I got a call with a status update. I was informed that the dealer had received a box Friday evening. With a part.  The correct part: “Driver Side Belt Buckle”. The technician went out immediately to install it…

Turned out to be  a passenger side belt buckle.

The next morning – Saturday – I got a call from Josh.  He was sending my car over to the Cadillac dealer (these people were Mini dealers, but were – by far – the closest of the Sewell dealerships).  He acknowledged that my car wasn’t under warranty, but they decided to fix it as if it were.

Done.  It took the Caddy dealer a couple of days, but – by midweek – Josh was calling me again.

Except, he sounded sheepish.  What now?

Turned out, when he was inspecting the car for the final time, he notice drops of coolant underneath the car. He called me, and explained that, under full disclosure, the car was now safe to drive but… “Mrs. F – do you want us to take a look at this?”

Yep, I did. If he had concern enough that I might just wind right back up in the shop, I wanted it all done now.

It was a broken water pump. They fixed that too – under ‘warranty’ :P.  So back it went to the Caddy dealer, Saturday afternoon I got a call from my man Josh telling me everything was fixed. And yesterday, I drove down to swap cars.

I traded car keys with Sewell, didn’t pay a dime, commiserated with Josh a bit then I was on my way. I told him that he’d made it right. Made it so that all of the sudden, I didn’t care so much what was going on with The Fix That Shall Last Forever.  (Which is really saying something, because I can border on obsessive when I feel something should be going a certain way and its not.)

Stop laughing, Andy – that was at least a half a confession!!

So, Sewell, you got it right. Okay –  maybe that’s going too far, but you definitely made lemons into lemonade.

(And sorry about all the crushed up Cheerios in your loaner cars!)

ETA: (If you want a total count: that’s 17 days in the shop for a belt buckle and a water pump fix!)

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