Flying Solo

The husband is down. I repeat, the husband is down.

Or, more accurately – he was down. Starting at about 8:00 last night, just shortly after we got the boys put to bed for the night, Andy got sicker than I have ever seen him. In fact, he was sicker than he thinks he’s ever been in his life.

So, yeah. (Thankfully for him, though, the illness stopped almost as suddenly as it had started. Albeit at like 3:00 a.m.)

Perhaps needless to say: I had the boys all to myself today! The perfect Mother’s Day gift!

I got to take Graham to his ice skating lesson for the first time. Reid went too. It was fun to see him trying something new. The kid is an ace at walking around on his skates not on the ice. He’s, uh, still working on the ice thing though. 😉

After practice, we swung by a beauty supply store to pick up a straightening iron to replace the one I left in New Jersey earlier this week. (Side note: thank goodness that the focus groups in New Jersey were super insightful, or I’d’ve been crazy bitter about that trip. Horrible travel experience!! AND I lost a straightener. :::shakes fist at no one in particular:::)

We came back for lunch, and I shot a little bit of video that captures the boys right now. (Listen for Reid’s little word “buh” in the beginning. That’s new this week.)

Goofballs, both of them. 😉

After lunch, NAP. For everyone.

Then the boys and I headed out to the park. Tons of fun ensued!

We rode the trike to the pond and threw rocks in.


Baby Reid sat in the stroller during this and enjoyed from there.


Graham nabbed some swing time, then we layed out a blanket for Reid under a shady tree while Graham and I worked on his golf swing nearby.


He rounded out the visit with the jungle gym. He is getting to be such a big boy, you guys.


I coaxed G away from the park eventually with a promise of McDonald’s for dinner. I asked him what he wanted in the drive thru, and he said, “A Happy Meal! … NO WAIT, a SAD meal! Haha I want a sad meal!”

That joke stuck for the entire night. He kept calling it a “sad meal” and would laugh at his own cleverness. He’s making these jokes up a lot lately. Another thing that he’s really into are songs. In a big way. He sings “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” and “Bingo” a lot, but he busted out the “Where is Thumbkin?” song randomly the other day too.

Can we safely say that he’s entered the Grandpa Pete phase of his development? Jokes and songs, ladies and gents. Jokes and songs. :)

I’m happy to report that Andy is feeling so much better today. We should be back to two parents again tomorrow. Unless of course I fall victim. Which, then, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! 😉


  1. Cuteness!

  2. Happy Mothers Day Debs! Hope Andy is feeling better!! 

  3. Michelle says:

    Mom of the year :) I think you deserve a Mother’s Day rain check :)

  4. While the Paulson side of you sees Grandpa Pete in Graham, the Fischer side of me hears some Great Grandpa Jim.  Jokes and songs.  Jokes and songs.

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