Friends and Family

Well, what a great weekend!  Graham even agreed – he woke up in the best mood ever this morning, ready for whatever I might have planned today. (Too bad school was the only thing on the menu!)

Saturday, after Graham’s nap, we took off for Jaime and Jeremy’s to hang out with them along with their 6-month-old twins, Mason and Maylee. Graham was a little out of sorts at first – wanting to sit in Daddy’s lap if Andy was holding one of the babies or snatching toys away from the babies, which he mostly did if the babies were taking an interest in the toys we’d brought from home.

All in all though, we just hung out and caught up. Got a little adult conversation in with a side of parental commiseration. So necessary, you guys.

Sunday we had an awesome treat. My cousin, Courtney, was in town for a conference, and she was able to break away to come hang with us in the evening.  So, on Sunday afternoon, we drove down to Dallas, picked her up and took her out to dinner.

Graham was WAY on his best behavior, happily playing, snacking and chattering all the way through dinner.  He was feeling so polite that  he had every intention of merely ignoring the poopy diaper he’d managed to cook up at some point during the dinner.  Andy noticed it when we’d left the restaurant and changed him in the back of the car.  After we were all back in the car, I asked Courtney if I needed to roll down the windows – it didn’t smell to me, but I feel like my nose isn’t as sensitive to child smells as it used to be. For the record, Courtney never said it *didn’t* smell, all she’d say was, “Oh, I’ve had to spend time with our pre-K kids, I’m used to everything at this point.” What a trooper!

So good to see this one again. Did I mention she’s getting married in a couple of months?  We get to go hang in a couple of months again, but in July we’ll get to see the whole cousin crew. I can’t wait. :)

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